Kendrick T. Henry, M.Arch. –Master Gardener & Beekeeper


Kendrick (29) grew up in Baltimore, Maryland playing musical instruments and playing sports with a natural love for the outdoors.  Since moving to Florida in 2001, Kendrick has immersed himself in studying art and American history. Both parents are avid learners and share passions of staying active and recycling. 


After many years of seeking out healthy food options, shopping for organic produce and getting back to nature, he sold a respectable vending machine company, to create a new business strategy.  In the beginning of 2013, he began to sow the seeds from his plate, growing into a wealth of fruit trees, edible shrubs, herbs and garden vegetables.  After hand painting his van, a now famous local art phenomenon, the Numa Nursery logo has created awareness for his mission of sharecropping and community gardening.  Since then, he has taken the necessary time for cultivating his passions to create abundance and harness the power of resiliency. 


Tampa Bay has a wide range of landscapes.  From the farm lands of Plant City to the sunny beaches of Clearwater and St. Pete, Tampa is a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and to Kendrick’s surprise have been the shining light in his success, gaining knowledge from farms, nurseries and back yard gardeners.  Although, spending many years in the classroom, studying from a book, his particular interests come from experiencing plants in their natural environments as he loves to perform hands on demonstrations and workshops. 


Kendrick now plays an intrinsic role throughout the Tampa Bay community as an educator and entrepreneur.  His skills as a speaker and writer allow him to convey the power each person has to make a difference in their own lives by sharing abundance. Whether it’s by installing a backyard bee hive, adding a pallet garden on an apartment balcony or by regenerating an under utilized plot of land in a small residential community there is a duty he says, “For each of us to give back to nature”.      

University of South Florida Masters of Architecture. May 2016. Director, Robert M. MacLeod, AIA. Terminal Masters Project Professor Mark Weston, M.Arch. Curriculum based on National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB): conceptual thinking and making, architectural theory, management, materials, design of buildings and environments, examination of the processes of design, systems of construction, relationships to environmental, social, historical and geographical context, and an understanding of behaviorism and symbolism.

Terminal Masters Project               

Graduate Portfolio


Permaculture Design Certification Course, March 2016, Koreen Brennan, Grow Permaculture, hosted by Moccasin Lake Park, Clearwater, FL. 75-hour hands-on intensive certification course, multiple classroom locations throughout West-Central Florida.  Specialties: ecological design, semi-tropical food forest design, agroforestry and alley cropping, water conservation and catchment, soil building, greenhouse construction, solar energy, regenerative economics, plant functions, seed cultivation and guild concepts.  

Backyard Hive Installation

The Meaning of 'Numa' Nursery

Epic stories found to transcend cultural hemispheres.

An account of creation from a global perspective. 


Traditionally, farmers spend the new moon sewing seeds for food crops.


Then, usually by full moon, young sprouts rise out of the  darkness


The moon governs

water, fertility, rebirth, women, and snakes.  


This is a metaphor for seeds of the mind, thoughts and e-motions taking us on a journey to complete new cycles and obtain growth within our lives.  


Often, snakes will rise during a full moon to shed their skin. Inversely, the new moon can make us feel like going within to find answers.

New ideas and future aspirations

manifest during the new moon.

While listening to Tampa's local radio station, WMNF 88.5, during the Native American music hour, the jockey began crediting songs by the Hopi tribe, of the grand canyon, USA and their cultural connection to the Dogon tribe of Mali, Africa.


This region in Western Africa is said to have ancient cave paintings made by the Dogon tribe.


The Dogon tribe professes to originate from the Sirius star system and their ancestors traveled to planet earth many years ago.


On the cave walls in Mali, Africa a story begins to take shape with precise maps of constellations and the orbital path of Sirius, also known as the 'Dog Star'.


In very close proximity to the Sirius orbital drawings other shapes and designs can be identified on the cave walls


Depicted in many forms, is a character known as Nommo/Nummo, the water being.

Nommos are believed to be human-like (mammals) that live in water, much like dolphins.


The Nommos are referred to as

'The Teachers',

'The Monitors'


'Masters of the Water'.


Intrigued to learn more about the Nommo archetype, other prominent figures seem to pervade through the ages. Many religious texts depict amphibious fish-like creatures.



These half human serpent-like beings are known as nagas, naginis, centaurs and many other titles such as; mermaids and mermans, some of which are found around the world as Babylonia's Oannes, Sumer's Enki and even Egypt's Isis.

The word Anunnaki

can be broken down into various forms of

'Anu' & 'Naga'. 

The personification ​of fish-like gods and idols throughout Judaism and Christianity can also be traced back to the Dogon tribe of Mali, Africa. 


Passed down orally through tradition,

as myths turn to legends,

'tales' of dragons in Chinese mythology

can even be identified to originate from

the Dogon Religion.


Nüwa and Fuxi, the wife shown with a pair of compasses and her husband with the carpenter’s square, symbolize  yin & yang and have interlocking serpent-like tales.


Amun is the Egyptian deity "Lord of truth, father of the gods, maker of men, creator of all animals, Lord of things that are, creator of the staff of life." He is also known as 'Amun-Ra', god of the sun, 'Ammon' or 'Amen'. His hat consists of two feathers. the title 'Father' is a form of the word feather.


The Salmon of Knowledge from Celtic mythology, keepers of wisdom, protect our waters and provide food and sustenance to people as they fertilize streams and oceans.

Various role models like these can be recognized as 

creators, mothers, wives, sisters, tribal leaders

emperors, sun god/moon god, goddess,

Adam and Eve

The fish god known as 'Dagon' is the protector of supreme elders and his representation today covers the head of bishops and even the pope.  


In Ireland, Dagon is called 'Dagda' where we get the title 'Dad'.


Pisces, the fish constellation symbolically takes on the shape of a yin-yang, signifying balance and the relationship between light and dark, man and woman,


The sun goddess gave birth to man. The son of God, Jesus, is also represented as the fish, seen on the back of many cars, taking the shape of a vesica pisces.


Each era in time is said to reflect a specific constellation. 

Jesus was born during the age of Pisces

The night sky has now transitioned to reflect 

the age of Aquarius.

Aquarius, the water bearer, is depicted in Roman mythology with an over flowing water vessel.


It's star cluster is near Cetus (the whale), Pisces (the fish), Delphinus (the dolphin), Eridanus (the river), which are all part of what is often referred to as the water/sea section of the sky where there are a cluster of water-related constellations.


The earth's 23.5°.axis of tilt is encoded in Numa's orientation as the yin-yang symbol to outline the water vessel.



Fibonacci's spiral traces Numa's head and fins.


By combining the ideologies of these two ancient myths and interconnecting constellations, the picture of a Pisces fish holding the Aquarius water vessel began to take shape.


Libra's scale of balance compares to the scales on Numa's body.  Other parts of the logo resemble shapes and symbols found around the world.

The  code we live by,


is a symbol of nature's power and ingenuity. 


Two strands of DNA spiral across the galaxy, traveling at the speed of light spreading knowledge and information.

While traveling the world, Numa also spreads knowledge and information, through her vessel of water as it brings fertility and life. 

DNA strands create a pattern known as


It's recognized by an arrangement of shapes

closely fitted together in a repeated pattern without overlapping.


Tessellation, in art, expresses mathematical equations  

to represent higher dimensions and capture the eye 

using a variety of geometries.


Nature's mathematical geometries influence many artists.  

M.C. Escher (1898-1972)

a Dutch graphic designer, was inspired by

natural patterns and animals.


Inspired by Escher and his love for fish and animals, 

patterns arose.



Water is the carrier of all life, nourishing every living cell, transporting information (DNA) to each corner of the globe.  Giving birth to the oceans, animals and plants, much like our mothers.  


Women also have an inherent ability to spread knowledge and information. Throughout the world, in matriarchal  society, the woman is supreme leader and head of house.  She spreads her knowledge to all earth's children. The female figure is also associated with power, strength, love and beauty.


The key to our future success as a species, living harmoniously with nature, is to teach our children useful knowledge.  A nursery school is the first place where generations of children grow and interact with each other to build the skills needed to be functioning adults in society. 


Compelled to bring all of these very interesting facts and artistic representations of life and creation together, the mission statement developed into a

meaningful and informative business strategy,


Numa Nursery


serves as, functional resource centers


adults, youth & children.


Building community


the abundance approach:

permaculture design, urban beekeeping, proactive workshops, edible landscapes, edible nursery, organic gardening, regenerative agriculture, community compost and earthwork sculpting.


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