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John Kohler at one of The Moringa Growers' Co-op Locations in Plant City, FL

  John Kohler came to Numa Farms & Nursery for a

Moringa Farm Tour with Kendrick Henry

John was very delighted to see moringa trees in the ground and growing so healthy in nursery pots. He is very passionate about Growing Your Greens


Moringa is grown as an edible staple food vegetable all over the world. Every part of the moringa tree can be consumed for one purpose or another. 

Grow moringa trees in your own backyard, just like John Kohler. 


Now shipping multiple moringa tree options.

Receive a free packet of moringa seeds with each moringa tree purchase.

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Organic moringa seeds are sprouted in 6" cone pots and shipped in the mail. Grow your own moringa greens.

If the trees arrive in shock, wilted or with broken stems, not to worry too much, they can be easily taken care of and will re-sprout new stems

in only a short amount of time. Water the roots. 

Moringa is one of the fastest growing trees in the world!

If your moringa trees do not survive the journey, let us know and we will replace the moringa trees on your next purchase. 

Moringa is very resilient. It's also known as the NEVER DIE TREE, it can go through drought and severe weather conditions, considering it is a sub-tropical soft wooded tree from Africa & India. 

Once your moringa trees arrive, water them and plant them in a larger pot or directly in the ground. 

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Moringa Tree Planting Instructions

Dig a hole 2’ wide by 2’ deep and fill with composted soil and other soil amendments like worm castings, biochar and rock dust to build mineral content.


Then, place the small rootball on top of the hole and cover roots lightly with more composted soil to create a small mound.


Mulch on top protects the soil and prevents moisture loss. Keep soil and mulch clear from the area where the bottom stem turns into the root. 

Watch Growing Your Greens Newest Video 

John Kohler just received

10 moringa trees + free moringa seeds

with growing instructions. 


Lets follow his moringa tree journey together as he unveils the moringa tree shipment and plants them in his garden.

Learn more about how you can be apart of

Growing Your Greens.



Watch Here:

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