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Where are you located?

We’re sharecroppers and use neighbor’s ‘private’ property in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee Counties to grow moringa.

We don’t have a physical store or 1 single location for the public to visit at this time, but we’re available to meet at Farmer’s Markets on the weekends (see NumaNursery.com home page for schedule).

Or, meet us @:

Temple Terrace Farmer’s Market (Fowler & 56th next to Outback) Every Saturday from 9am-1pm.


Set-up an appointment during the week with Kendrick 813-690-6516.


See ‘Stores’ Selling our products on NumaNursery.com/shop

to find our local business partners carrying our products during their store hours

Example: Chuck’s Natural Fields (both Temple Terrace and Brandon Locations)

& Vegan International Co. (Nebraska & Fletcher

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Is Moringa Native?

Moringa is Native to India, but it’s been widely cultivated around the world, for at least 6,000 years.

Moringa is a drought tolerant tree originally found in the deserts of India near the Himalayan Mountains.

Also, moringa is said to originate from the mid-Eastern parts of Africa (Ethiopia & Kenya). It is possible at one point in time, India and Africa were connected (Pangea Theory) and Moringa split into many varieties over the time India drifted from Africa. The Most common Indian variety is known as Moringa Oleifera, the most common African variety is known as Moringa Stenopetala.

There are 13 known varieties of the Moringa tree.


Is Moringa Invasive?

There are many levels to invasive species, moringa is very low on the invasive list.

Common vines like the Asian Kudzu, or Wild Yam that have been introduced to Florida are very invasive, 


Moringa does not spread from the root like bamboo or banana’s (which are in the grass family).

Moringa can regrow/propagate new trees from cuttings, which may imply an invasive behavior.


The entire moringa tree is edible, and highly nutritional, making it very useful to grow, offsetting any ‘invasive’ concerns.


Does Moringa Grow in Tampa?


We grow Thousands of Moringa Trees in the Tampa Bay Area, it grows very well in Tampa with very little maintenance, with little to no irrigation or regular watering.

 Moringa grows very well in Florida’s Depleted Sandy Soils.

Grow Moringa with The Moringa Grower’s Co-op.

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Moringa FAQ's

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