Make $100,000 Growing Moringa Trees

Greetings and Welcome to Numa Nursery,

Thanks so much for joining us. My name is Kendrick Henry and I started Numa Nursery in 2014. At the time, I was attending USF getting my master's degree in architecture. For those first two years of business I was painting my van on the beach and also finishing architecture school. By 2016, I had already started planting moringa trees on other people's properties and after graduation I was attending farmer’s markets selling moringa trees in pots and fresh moringa greens that I would harvest on other people's properties. Today, the community initiative has developed into the Moringa Growers' Co-op.

The Moringa Growers' Co-op consists of thousands and thousands of Moringa trees on over 300+ properties in the Tampa Bay area.

If you'd like to learn more about the Moringa Growers Co-op you can download the Moringa Tree Professional Training Course Manual, now available for free on the website

It's for free and it'll teach you all about the Moringa Growers Co-op and our accomplishments so far and how you can join the co-op yourself.

Now, one of the ways that we tell people to join the co-op is to start by growing moringa trees and that's why we are offering the ten free moringa trees with your starter kit purchase because as soon as you get these ten trees and they start growing in the ground and they're going to get bigger and bigger and then eventually within one or two years you’re going to be able to cut them and harvest them.

Now, if you grow these moringa trees for your personal use, that’s great! They don't have to be registered in the co-op you know your participation in the MGC is completely voluntary and so just because you're purchasing trees from us doesn't mean that we need to come out and we need to manage them, it's just that if you'd like us to and you'd like to have more of a relationship with the co-op then we'd be more than happy to come out and harvest your moringa trees. In return for your moringa greens and drumsticks we provide moringa products and also weigh the greens and give back $10/kg of the dried weight and also $1/kg for drumsticks.

This is why I’m writing this blog post today. I want to start getting people familiar with moringa and knowing that it is a cash crop.

Moringa is a tree that we're farming and I'm supporting myself completely off of moringa alone. Now, in the first year, 2017, when I started growing moringa trees on other people's properties I made $35,000 selling moringa products at the farmer’s market. In the second year, 2018, I made $49,000 thousand dollars at the farmer’s market, just by growing and selling moringa trees and providing all of our handmade moringa products. By the time we finish out this year, 2019, we'll have made about $75,000 from online sales, phone sales and selling moringa products at the farmer’s market.

Each moringa tree in the Moringa Growers’ Co-op are grown organically in the neighborhood, either in other people's backyards, community gardens other farms and other private properties around town. They're not being sprayed and they're not being synthetically fertilized. These baby trees behind me they’re actually from local seeds and they are only two weeks from sprouting and so they haven't even seen the light of day yet and I just pulled them out of our temporary little greenhouse and they've just now sprouted and they're beautiful from local seeds and this is what we're shipping with the starter kits. We're shipping ten free moringa trees with the starter kits.

These ones have actually been in the pot for sixty days (right) and these trees (left) believe it or not are the same age as these trees right here which is pretty cool so 30 days ago I went and potted these up from the cone pots and put them in the ½ gallon pots here and so within 60 to 90 days you could have something like this.

Because moringa grows so fast and has so much value with its nutritional edible leaves and drumsticks the 10 free moringa trees special with your starter kit is actually a $100,000 value for only $49. Allow me to explain, because you're starting with ten of these moringa trees and what I'm saying is by the third year you could potentially make $100,000, by the third year, off of these ten moringa trees right here.

So, within one year you will have harvested and cut back this one tree several times. After it gets really tall again you will continue to cut it back and it will continue to split into even more branches. In our other YouTube videos, you can see how I cut them and then they re-grow and split into new branches. That’s one of the techniques we're practicing and we're farming this moringa tree to get a lot of greens to grow really fast and to also produce drumsticks for us. So, within the first year you'll potentially make three harvests where you can cut this tree back and you may get some greens and I've laid out here potentially 10 grams each harvest, you could get about 30 grams on your first year from one moringa tree.

Going into the second year, each one of the harvests you make may be able to raise a hundred grams per harvest and with 3 harvests a year, that could be up to 300 grams of dried greens from one moringa tree in one year. So, by the second year you've already maybe amassed over 350 grams possibly potentially even one kilo hopefully by the end of the second year from one moringa tree. Now that you're getting into your third year and you've harvested your trees and now they're getting really big and sturdy and now one tree is producing one kilogram a year and so you're harvesting potentially by the third year three times and so you could get about two to three kilograms off of that one tree and possibly more in that third year and so by the third year you're getting three kilograms per tree from the ten trees that you originally received for free with the moringa tree starter kit and now you're producing in total, with the original 10 moringa trees, 30 kilograms of dried moringa leaf powder by your third year.

You can sell a kilogram of moringa leaf powder, retail price, maybe a hundred dollars each. If you give someone a deal you may be able to sell a kilogram of dried moringa leaf powder, even at a wholesale price, for maybe fifty dollars. Right now, we're selling kilograms at a wholesale price, if you order five kilograms for $60 each. If you sell the Moringa greens at ten gram baggies, essentially you could make five hundred dollars a kilogram of dried moringa leaf powder.

So, at five hundred dollars a kilogram in 10 gram baggies, times thirty kilograms of dried moringa leaf powder from your original 10 free moringa trees, I'm pretty sure that's worth $15,000.

On top of that, by the third year you've already taken your moringa tree cuttings and every time you make a harvest from one tree you simply re-plant the cuttings in the ground and it makes a whole new tree.

Great, so you started out with ten free moringa trees with the starter kit, but by the third year making whole new trees from the cuttings you're going to 10x the amount of moringa trees you have on your property over the course of three years you're going to get at least a hundred moringa trees growing on your property and you will have made $100,000 by the end of the third year on moringa alone.

We even buy moringa greens from your trees. The Moringa Growers Co-op is

growing and growing and growing to where we have relationships with moringa trees in your backyard at the community garden down the street, at the farm up the street from here and even here at this farm, a Moringa Growers' Co-op location.

We've got a ton of interested buyers wanting moringa products from us. We also have people calling from New York City saying that they want 200 pounds of fresh moringa greens delivered today. Several local grocery stores want us to supply them with fresh drumsticks every week. There have been several requests where companies wanted 100 kilograms of moringa leaf powder delivered on a pallet so that way they get it in mass quantities for a bulk discount price and sell it and need us to ship it to California so they can put it in restaurants and cook with it. I mean we're getting the orders in as a hub for moringa buyers and suppliers. We need more moringa suppliers now. Ones that we can trust and that are local. We need more people like you to start growing moringa trees in their backyard and we’ll buy the greens from you. This is what a co-op is and we're building the foundations right now with The Moringa Growers’ Co-op. One way to help us grow and expand and also to help you earn moringa products or even cash for your moringa material is to pick up a Moringa tree starter kit with ten free trees.

Drumstick Soup traditionally known as Sambar

If you've never had moringa before, try it in many different forms and experiment with each of the varieties we offer in the moringa tree starter kit, that way you can see what you like the best. The moringa tree starter kit has a sample of each item we make with the moringa trees. They are all very good and useful in their own ways, made from different parts of the moringa tree. The moringa tree starter kit also has a wealth of information inside, it’s a book written inside of the box and it talks about the moringa trees and how you can grow them and how the Moringa Growers’ Co-op was founded.

Inside the moringa tree starter kit there are a variety of products that we make, by hand, from the moringa tree. Starting with the dried moringa loose leaf, we added a little spearmint and already bagged them into individual serving sizes for tea. Also, inside the moringa tree starter kit we have the green leaf powder and another value added product inside is the moringa spice which is moringa green powder with added turmeric and other spices to make a really great curry flavored spice. We also encapsulate the green powder to make capsules, included inside. We also have moringa seeds inside the kit so you can grow even more moringa trees. You can also eat the moringa seeds, they’re very good for detoxing and cleansing. We even press the seeds to make oil and so the moringa seed oil is also inside the moringa tree starter kit. It is a one dram vial of the oil that we cold-press right here at the Numa Farm and we take the moringa seeds and we just put them in the cold-press machine and out comes the oil. One of the reasons why it's known as moringa oleifera is because it's oil producing. 'Ole' in latin means oil and 'ifera' means producing. The moringa oleifera trees are high oil producers, it’s one of the most valuable and sought after parts of the trees, the moringa fruit also known as the drumsticks, can each hold up to 20 seeds or more. Then, we put the moringa seed oil inside our deodorants, they’re really good it has shea butter in it, mmm yep, smells great. I make that fresh with our moringa seed oil. Also, we put moringa seed oil in our bath bombs and we even put the moringa seed oil in our moringa soap. Last but not least the Moringa extract that's also in the moringa tree starter kit and this is a liquid amino form of the Moringa and you can take this under the tongue sublingual or also add it to water it's a really good mineralizer and supplement that you can take and get the liquid form of the moringa in your body fast.

Each of these amazing value added products are included in the moringa tree starter kit. We're really happy to be able to provide this for you, a $100,000 valued deal for only $49. By the third year you could be like us selling moringa greens as a Moringa Growers’ Co-op Member or even on your own table. We could be buying the moringa greens from you and that way if you didn’t want to be a part of the selling aspect of the moringa tree industry, but would much rather just be the grower and become more of a supplier, it’s really all on you and so if you haven't yet please give me a ring, my phone number is on the Numa website. Ask me any questions that you have about the Co-op or moringa.

We actually just got off the phone a moment ago, as I was writing this blog post, with a lady in Okeechobee and she's got six acres and she wants to be able to live off of her property and she was searching ways to make money on her property and somehow came across some of our Numa Nursery videos, discussing how you can make money on your property by growing moringa trees and so she's excited she ordered the moringa tree starter kit, now she's getting the ten free moringa trees. We're actually going to put together her starter kit right now. We've been shipping out moringa trees and starter kits all week, we've probably shipped out maybe ten starter kits this week alone, that means we've already provided a hundred free trees just in the past week alone now if you're in the Tampa Bay area we're actually going to drop these larger ½ gallon moringa trees off to your front door. People were surprised yesterday, on Sunday, I was making deliveries and dropping these moringa trees off at people's houses and they were so excited to get them.

Don’t delay another minute! We're dropping ten of these moringa trees off to all those interested in becoming local Tampa Bay moringa growers. Are there any Tampa Bay area residents that have a nice sunny backyard that would like ten free moringa trees? Moringa would grow really great in that hard to grow sunny spot! Not to worry, if you're somewhere like South Carolina or Georgia or in Texas then you'll be getting the moringa trees delivered in these cone pots. They last the trip and when they arrive, simply pot them up in larger pots and keep them warm for the winter and take them outside to get big once the weather is warmer and eat the fresh leaves.

Put moringa in and on any dish or meal as a nutritional additive

Thanks so much for reading, if you haven't yet please subscribe to the Numa Nursery YouTube channel and please support the Moringa Growers’ Co-op and come visit our website, right now we have a 13% off coupon just type in ‘NUMA13’ if you are not interested in the sample sized starter kit items, we also have larger quantities of the teas and more larger deodorants and bottles of capsules and your contribution really helps us a lot and allows us to educate others about moringa and to get more information out about how you can make a $100,000 from growing moringa trees. Start with 10 free trees and the moringa tree starter kit as the best moringa deal this millennium!

We'll talk to you soon. Peace, love and prosperous growing. -Kendrick

Author: Kendrick Henry

Founder & Architect

"Native to India, Moringa Oleifera

is an ancient tree that has been consumed for thousands of years as a staple food vegetable. Even today, the nutrient rich leaves are used to help combat malnutrition. A daily serving of moringa leaf powder can boost the immune system and can prevent many illnesses."

-Kendrick Henry

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