Moringa Trees in Plant City, FL

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Moringa Trees in Plant City, FL

Greetings and Welcome to My name is Kendrick Henry and I started planting moringa trees on other people's properties back in 2014.

watch the full video here:

Moringa Trees in Plant City, FL

Today, we have over 300 properties growing thousands and thousands of Moringa trees in the Tampa Bay area. On a daily basis, I'll travel around town and harvest some moringa trees and I'll bring the cuttings back to our facility to dry them and then we'll make products out of the local moringa trees.

If you've never tried moringa before we have the new Moringa Tree Starter Kit. Inside, is a wealth of information, there’s a book written in the box, which talks about moringa and the benefits of moringa. Inside is a sample pack of all of our products that we're making by hand from the local Moringa trees.

1st Visit, Plant City, FL

January 2017


By December of 2017, after about 2-3 harvests already they were starting to get really big. I've been continually going back to the property about three four times a year and harvesting, caring for them, weeding, building up the soil, dropping organic matter, doing the irrigation system, and just helping the owner maintain and care for the orchard and more importantly, caring for the moringa trees.

Then, there was a huge freeze that happened in March of 2018, about a year and a half ago, which caused damage to the soft wood. Moringa is a sub-tropical tree that is very sensitive to cold weather. To save the tree and further damage to the base, we cut the trees back to the fresh undamaged wood

and you'll see in the video how we've been restructuring these moringa trees since then.

If you'd like to grow Moringa trees on your property like this let me know. We have an opportunity to do some real good powerful education, practical knowledge and moringa healing. The moringa tree can provide the body with lots of vitamins and minerals and nutrients and so that's why we're going to cut these trees back for the greens and we're going to structure these trees so that way they're not as leggy and we'll just structure them a little bit more by cutting them back regularly so it cleans up the spindles. Then, they'll go a little more dormant for winter then flourish all summer with tons of seed pods (drumsticks).

Plant City, FL

Before Harvest, December 2nd, 2019

The reason why I'm here today is because I heard there was a freeze possibly coming by tonight I mean it's December 2nd and so we're gonna get these trees cut back to a nice size. Then, we're going to get the greens on the racks to dry and that way the moringa tree leaves don't yellow out even more than they already have this late in the season. We don't lose them and the method in which we are cutting them back now is just by getting the lowers down. We're getting the inside pieces cut and leaving the uppers so that way they can produce flowers over the winter and potentially give us seed pods by spring. All of these upper tall little branches up top they all have flowers on them so we've cut this whole line back low around the edge and keep the inside branches.

Plant City, FL

After Harvest, December 2nd, 2019

This time of year we're not cutting the whole moringa tree back and we're leaving the tallest branches so that way the leaves can get the sun that they need in the lower winter months because it's going to be cold and so we want it to heal faster now and also have an opportunity to absorb some of the sun rays to start regrowing news sprouts.

We hope that you decide to plant moringa trees on your property similar to this example of 40 moringa trees growing in an orchard style swale about 13' apart, inter-planted with several varieties of fruit trees so that way we can come by on occasion harvest the Moringa trees and expand the Moringa tree industry in the Tampa Bay area.

We're looking for farmers like you. Moringa Growers' Co-op members like you and for anybody that would like to join and grow moringa trees around the world, please give me a call. My number is on the website.

Thanks for stopping by please subscribe to the Numa Nursery YouTube Channel and also give me a ring if you have any questions my numbers on the website.

I really appreciate you for supporting us. If you'd like to get our email newsletter please sign up on the website we have specials discounts coupons.

If you'd like to shop for local Tampa Bay Moringa products, please visit our website thanks so much for joining us peace love and prosperous growing.

Author: Kendrick Henry

Farmer + Architect

"Native to India, Moringa Oleifera

is an ancient tree that has been consumed for thousands of years as a staple food vegetable. Even today, the nutrient rich leaves are used to help combat malnutrition. A daily serving of moringa leaf powder can boost the immune system and can prevent many illnesses."

-Kendrick Henry

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