Oldest Moringa Tree in St. Pete, FL

🌿This moringa tree in St. Petersburg. FL is 23 years old! It's so big and healthy, providing so much abundance. 🏖 St. Pete, FL is the perfect place for this moringa tree to live long and healthy, just like it's ancestors in Africa, India and in many parts of South East Asia. 📸 🌡 Moringa trees are very sensitive to cold weather and do not live very well in freezing temperatures.

The funniest thing happened after making this video. While attending the farmers market on Saturday the vendor next to me, from the Bahamas, said they have moringa trees a hundred years old there. ⛺ Then, not 10 minutes later, a lady from the Philippines came in our booth saying she planted her moringa tree in 1973! And it's in Thonotosassa, FL! That's just too crazy. I love synchronicities.

The owner of this 23 year old moringa tree in St. Pete, FL is also from the Philippines. She planted this moringa tree in her backyard in 1996! The taste of these moringa greens were so good, you can tell the roots are reaching way down low to grab all the vitamins and minerals to make them super healthy and tasting so good.

🥒 You know what they say..deeper the root, sweeter the fruit. Moringa trees produce a vegetable known as the drumstick and is highly prized by many cultures as an addition to traditional soups and sauces.

Thanks so much for reading along, we just purchased two and a half acres in plant City, FL. We've already seen a few customers today, come out here to the new farm location. They picked up their starter kits and we're getting ready for this weekends' farmers market now.

Today I'm actually going to serve up some tea real quick. I just steep some some leaves and loose leaves and some warm water we have a strainer fresh moringa tea.

Really appreciate you coming out we're having a really good time out here in the farm it's really relaxing decompressing and also getting a chance to make these videos and see more customers and actually get an inventory stocked up from all of our moringa trees that we've been harvesting these past few weeks.

We're preserving the moringa leaves now in 250 gram re-seal-able vacuum bags. We added mint before we put it in this bag. This is 250 grams of the moringa + mint tea that we're drinking here it's $29 and it comes inside this custom box. This is the starter kit box and it has a book inside of the box all the information about moringa how you can use moringa. Also a single serving aluminum tea infuser is included for free. You can pick up your starter kit tea box at NumaNursery.com.

Moringa is very good for the immune system the lady that just stopped by, she said that because she's getting a surgery done on the back of her neck the surgeon said that she needs to get a little bit more healthy before they perform surgery. So she decided to call me and come all the way from Okeechobee to pick up her starter kit so she could get fresh moringa leaves and tea. Her doctor said to not smoke tobacco for the next 3 weeks before the surgery and she's like oh my gosh I've been smoking for 40 years how do I not smoke for 3 weeks?

I even did this in college, a few years ago, I was using moringa as a dip and you can use it as a dip to to help get off tobacco also you know just to get some minerals and you can chew it as a dip. It even has the mint already added.

There are so many different ways to use moringa, if you're trying to get off tobacco, like our most recent customer, she is using moringa as a dip to help her get off tobacco.

The reason why you're here is because I wanted to tell you a story about how we came across the oldest moringa tree in St. Pete. The oldest moringa tree in St. Pete is owned by a Filipino woman that works with someone who met me a year previous to me meeting her last year. So this is 2 years ago now we met through a mutual friend of theirs at a SUAC meeting in St. Pete.

Two and a half years ago, in April of 2017, I instructed a course on moringa. Teaching locals about the Co-op and about how to grow moringa and the uses for moringa. SUAC is stands for Sustainable Urban Agriculture Coalition and they have chapter meetings in St. Pete regularly every month and I encourage you to check them out they have action projects community garden projects they give workshops and demonstrations every month.

That's how I met the owner of the oldest moringa tree in St. Pete and she's Filipino and has been using moringa for her entire life. She came over here to the US and bought the property she's in right now in 1995 and she planted the moringa tree by 1996 and this is the same moringa tree in the ground since 1996. Now, I know there is a forty-year-old moringa tree in Gulfport, FL so we're going to be making a trip there very soon.

This is the oldest moringa tree on record in St. Pete right now and this is a 23 going on 24 year old moringa tree same tree in the ground it's just been cut back several times. I've already been care for this tree for about a year-and-a-half and I've already cut it back three times and it just keeps coming back even more, even more, and the branches are huge and they're so strong.

We're in St. Pete today. They grow moringa trees out here and this lovely queen here, her owner is from the Philippines, they call moringa Malunggay and it's one of the country's most staple food vegetables. She eats this tree every single day she loves her moringa tree matter fact you're looking at one of the oldest moringa trees known in the Tampa Bay area, St. Pete area and she's 23 years young. The owner of this property moved into this house planted this moringa tree in the garden 23 years ago and so you can see they've constantly been cutting it back. She's been cut back several times and it just grows back even more vigorously. It's a micro-climate down here in the St. Petersburg, FL area because of the peninsular water body surrounding St. Petersburg keeps the salty air warm and free from freezes, for the the most part.

So the moringa trees here in St. Pete are able to grow all season long and there's another one just next to big mama moringa, she's a little bit smaller the owner said she was a cutting off of this tree, which is only 15 years old now, but even still these are some of the oldest and most precious moringa trees in the area.

Look at this 23 years young moringa tree. She's massive!

She just goes around the side there, I'm just going to get in here and get the tree cut back to supply local restaurants with locally farmed moringa. I really hope you enjoyed seeing the 23 year-old ring a tree in st pete the oldest moringa tree in st pete it's been a pleasure really caring for this tree and also there's like four or five moringa trees just in that area in that corner alone on that street are the owner of the moringa tree that introduced me to the owner of this moringa tree actually it's just right down the street from there so everybody is growing moringa trees in the neighborhood.

Which brings me to The Moringa Growers' Co-op. We have over 300 properties now growing moringa trees together, sharing the abundance of the moringa leaves and drumsticks and supplying them to locals at farmers markets throughout the Tampa Bay Area.

You can even grow moringa trees from cuttings. Moringa grows really well in the Tampa bay area and can be considered a highly valuable food vegetable.

If you are interested in growing moringa trees on your property, for profit, you could grow 5, 10, maybe 20 moringa trees in a row in your backyard and start making some cash from those moringa trees.

Within a year or two years you could be seeing returns and we have a video that talks about how by the end of the third year you might have been able to have made $100,000 from your moringa trees alone.

Now, making $100,000 from moringa would take quite a bit of trees, effort and patience. we just want to be realistic in those numbers and teach people that are within the first year could be growing moringa micro-greens. Within the second year you could be growing moringa trees and cut the sticks to regrow into new trees.

Grow moringa trees really close together in a raised bed the first year. Then, by the third year, you can have 100's of trees that are more spread apart producing drumsticks and you could be making moringa seed oil from them.

You could even be making moringa spice. We use the moringa leaf powder as a base, then add turmeric, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, fenugreek and a few other of our favorite spices to make a moringa inspired curry spice.

You could even make tea from the dried moringa leaves from your trees. Simply, use the moringa leaves right off your tree or dry the greens for a few days on the table with a fan on some cardboard or screen and steep a handful of the dried greens in a pot and strain and add lemon and honey for flavor.

One of the easiest ways to consume moringa is in capsule form. It's very easy to go from fresh greens, to dried greens, to powder, to capsule form. It's possible to make many different products from the moringa trees in your backyard. You could supplement your income just like I have by growing moringa trees on your property.

If you're interested in joining the Co-op the Moringa Growers' Co-op we have over 300 properties in the Tampa Bay area where we share and harvest local moringa trees, provide the greens to locals at farmers markets that are no longer in use by the owner, because they've already had their fill at home and they're saying,

"Hey we have extra greens can you come and harvest the trees for us."

It'll grow back even more and then we bring those greens back to the facility we dry them inside on a dehumidifier room it's not cooked it's not over a hundred degrees, but they're placed in a dehumidifier self-contained room, which helps to dry these green super fast super green and and the preserves all the nutrients inside here. The vacuum seal bag also helps prevent any any kind of foreign objects or bugs or anything from penetrating the thick polymer bag, so that way even through shipping its helping to preserve the nutrients. That way, when it gets to you you have the best way of getting your moringa inside your body and that's what we like to do. Drink moringa tea.

It's really beautiful out here in Plant City, FL, we're now on 2 and 1/2 acres. come by and see me sometime. My number is on the website give me a call, NumaNursery.com, if you need moringa trees or if you would like to join the co-op please let me know we have plenty of trees to be able to provide you and your backyard, so that way you can start planting moringa tree.

Peace and Prosperous Growing!

🎬 Keep up with our next videos, there is a 40 year old moringa tree in Gulfport, FL! 👀 subscribe to Numa's new YouTube Channel. 📧 Also, sign-up for our email newsletter by visiting NumaNursery.com. 🏁We have a 13% off coupon now available, at checkout use code 'NUMA13' for local #tampabaymoringa

Author: Kendrick Henry

Farmer + Architect

"Native to India, Moringa Oleifera

is an ancient tree that has been consumed for thousands of years as a staple food vegetable. Even today, the nutrient rich leaves are used to help combat malnutrition. A daily serving of moringa leaf powder can boost the immune system and can prevent many illnesses."

+ Kendrick Henry

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