Moringa Trees Growing at a Restaurant in St. Petersburg, FL

🌿 The Reading Room Restaurant in St. Petersburg, FL 🏖 serves moringa teas and puts fresh moringa leaves in soups, salads and sandwiches.

🥒 This Thai-inspired restaurant is right at the heart of downtown St. Petersburg, FL and when we showed up to the property, were completely blown away by the huge moringa trees with hundreds and hundreds of drumsticks.

⛺ You can't get any fresher than that!

📸We make moringa leaf capsules from locally sourced Tampa Bay Moringa.


Fresh moringa leaves are harvested from the local moringa trees,

then dried, powdered and encapsulated within a week.

There were other smaller moringa trees that had been harvested over the past couple months and were starting to regrow, but we couldn't believe the amount of trees that were actually on the property, 13 in all, and it was really exciting to see this restaurant using the moringa on site in their own meals. Not only that, but there are tons of fruits and veggies located in raised garden beds scattered around the site.

This is exactly the direction and scale that we need to be going when sourcing food from fresh, local and organic resources.

Welcome to Numa Nursery! Happy Moringa Monday!

It's January 13th, 2020 and we're excited to tell you about

this past weekend at the farmers market.

It's farmers market season in Florida right now and for the next few months when the weather is really nice and chill we have lots of tourists that visit Florida.

On Saturday we attended downtown Lakeland curbside Market and we also we attended Temple Terrace farmers market now at Strawberry Passions Organic Farms on Sunday we attended the Hyde Park Farmers Market in South Tampa and also the Corey Avenue Farmers Market in St. Pete Beach. We grossed over $1,000 in just two days at the farmers market. Now, what are we going to do with those funds? Well, we're going to buy packaging equipment and we're going to restock some of our supplies like tea

baggies, some of our starter kit boxes.

We're also able to pay the mortgage for this new two and a half acre property! Thank you everyone who supported us this weekend at the farmers market you're allowing us the space that we need to help grow more moringa trees for you in the near future if you'd like to grow your business and also help build the local economy, the best way for you to do that is by visiting the farmers market, either as a shopper or also as a business owner-vendor at the farmers market.

I've been attending farmers markets now for about four years and it's helped in growing our business, tremendously. We've made several thousand friends and customers and it's really inspiring to see all the people that are here to support us and also help us through the journey of growing our business.

We collected over a hundred emails this weekend as well now those emails are going to be sent out with coupons and special sales, but also they will include more information about the moringa tree. That way you can share it to other friends and family members that may not even know about the moringa tree. If you'd like to sign up to our weekly newsletter you can go to and provide us with your email address.

We also made several online orders this past weekend, so on top of the farmers market sales we also made a few sales on our website at We really appreciate everyone who supports us. Some of the online orders came from out of state, but mostly our customers base is here in the Tampa bay area so we greatly appreciate your help and for supporting our local efforts. If you'd like to get your Moringa fast we do shipping all around the country you can visit to order your locally grown Moringa products directly or call Kendrick Henry, his number is on the website.

Here at Numa Nursery and the most recent Numa Farms project, we have a 2.5 acre property in Plant City, FL, which we're turning into a full functioning permaculture food forest and farm over the next several years. We're going to be growing moringa trees as a pioneer plant as a way to help build the soil and also to create some shade for the new under-story and baby fruit trees that we plan on planting here on the property.

We recently made a huge Moringa tree harvest at a restaurant in St Petersburg, FL

Located on Central Avenue, The Reading Room Restaurant has an extravagant garden landscape with raised beds that are full of fruit trees and vagetables. There are also places for customers and visitors to sit and mingle outside, while they wait for their food, which is being made from the food grown right on the property.

I first heard of the Reading Room Gardens about a year and a half ago while I was attending the Co-operative Entrepreneurship Course offered by Florida CEED at Pinellas Technical College. Some of the students and even the professor, Judith Turner, mentioned that there are moringa trees growing at a restaurant not too far from the campus. I was completely in shock to hear of this, so I called them right away and we talked about what was there on the property.

When we showed up to the property we were completely blown away there were huge moringa trees with hundreds and hundreds of drumsticks. There were other smaller moringa trees that had been harvested over the past couple months and we're starting to regrow. We couldn't believe the amount of trees that were actually on the property and it was really exciting to see this restaurant using the moringa on site in their own meals, not only that, but there were tons of fruits and veggies just in the raised beds on site.

The garden manager, Maggie, offered to provide us with the excess moringa greens that they no longer needed for the season. The restaurant is currently closed at the moment and is getting some renovations it's also going through some new ownership and so the trees were getting out of hand and out of control and the garden manager needed some help trimming the moringa trees back since they grow so fast. Especially in the summertime and especially in their location of St. Petersburg, FL because it's even more tropical there than it is here in Tampa because of the micro-climate of the of the water and the bay keeps it ultra-warm and ultra-windy with hot, humid-salty air throughout the entire year.

St. Petersburg, FL is a great place to grow moringa trees, they'll produce drumsticks and also really nice greens that you can harvest several times a year, fresh!

When we got to the Reading Room we were just unbelievably blown away by the amount by the sheer amount of greens that were going to be provided we were super excited to harvest these Moringa greens knowing that there was no sprays no chemicals the soil had been built up over the last three years these Moringa trees are only three years old and we've made contact with the people that even planted these trees on the property it's super amazing the community that Moringa has brought to my life and to many others around this area finding out about submariner trees has been truly a blessing to us our family and many others around the world we're so grateful for moringas' abundance.

They have really nice and large moringa trees in these raised beds and then we also have several large Moringa trees actually at this restaurant in st Pete called The Reading Room and as you come up to the restaurant there's bananas and then raised beds with Moringa trees in them and this is the Reading Room in St. Pete and we have some beautiful fresh greens on these Moringa trees. The weather's starting to change so the leaves are starting to yellow out a little bit so we want to get them cut back before they they get too yellow.

They've got some pods in there and a beautiful little bridge here that we're crossing over and there's some more Moringa trees just over here looks like they've been cut back within the last couple months but this is the reading room and everything's closed right now it's Monday, it's Veterans Day and so we've got these raised beds with Moringas in them look at this these are shining look at the shine on those babies. Wow! Super fresh that's a little drumstick cause I think this is a Raintree or something this this isn't even a Moringa right there but it's got those little pods hanging down from it but they've got these Moringa trees and what's crazy there was one right there as they come to the other side

Just showcasing all these local Moringa trees all the drumsticks Maggie's here to help us facilitate this harvest. Wow! Look at all these pods. We were invited out here by the Reading Room Gardens to harvest these greens so that way they go to good use. The restaurant hasn't been in operation for a little while, but these moringa trees look amazing!

Look at this hundreds of huge pods Wow amazing look at that that's just covered and then this one looks like it's been cut back but this is the front door to the restaurant how look there's one even over here there was one in the front I mean she said there was like huge ones on the property like this ones just hanging out oh my gosh there's another one right here so like we just got this one on the front of the restaurant so this one's here this one's here Wow look at that that's that's crazy they definitely been cutting it back they know how to cut it back a little bit it's got lots of cutbacks it's our first time visiting this site everything looks really nice.

This is The Reading Room and they have these moringa trees out out here by the front door and they must have known what's up! Very nice, I mean all the greens are real shiny but this one is the Queen right here,look at all these pods! I mean she is massive. So beautiful, we're going to keep you updated this is one of our newest locations and Saint Pete just through our practices throughout the years people are getting to know Moringa and also are encouraging others to join the co-op.

Come out and help us process moringa trees, we put every part of the moringa tree to good use.

Can you believe all the drumsticks on this Moringa tree we were completely blown away at the sheer number of drumsticks and the high quality and the dryness and

they were all crispy full of large dark mature seeds this tree was massive one of the biggest trees that we have ever come across in St. Pete only years old this tree is only 3 years old! It's been cut back several times to reach those heights you can see how mature those drumsticks are those are the prized Moringa drumsticks, the highest quality you can get.

This was the best-tasting moringa drumstick soup that we have ever had.

Moringa drumsticks are used in Sambar, a traditional Indian tomato-based soup. You can chop them and put them in many many different recipes. When the drumsticks are known as a famine food as well as a starch you can boil the drumsticks and chew the inside you can discard the outer thick skin of the Moringa drumstick and eat the inner soft like a starch it's like a starchy potato and we actually threw this picture up on our facebook marketplace and got 30-40 messages about wanting to purchase a bundle of these drumsticks for $5 and we were able to raise some funds to pay for the cost of labor for harvesting and stripping the greens off with these moringa trees. By making some money back and selling some of the drumsticks we greatly appreciate the Reading Room Gardens for the support as we educate others about the benefits of moringa.

Thank you Reading Room Gardens for your bountiful supply. For those who are interested in getting fresh drumsticks, we do have fresh moringa drumsticks on occasion, just depends on the time of year they are mostly in season during the fall-winter months, October-March.

Keep in touch with Maggie and The Reading Room Gardens on IG. We'll continue to provide fresh Moringa drumsticks like these. All organic, non-sprayed, non-gmo, the highest-quality moringa drumsticks that you can get in the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area, from local growers like this!

Thank you so much Reading Room Gardens and all the partners past-present-future friends that have played a part in growing these moringa trees.

I really hope you enjoyed visiting us here today. We're going to be designing and building a food forest system here at Numa Farms & Nursery. Please keep in touch with our next videos as we go through the design process I recently graduated from USF with a master's in architecture and have been using it to build my business.

If you'd like to order Moringa products from us right now, one of our specials that we have is actually inside the moringa tree starter kit box. It's 250 grams worth of loose moringa tea and it comes with a free tea infuser. It's comes in a resealable vacuum sealed bag, that way when you open it you'll see just how much moringa is really in here. We also wanted to preserve the moringa and reduce the oxidation, keep it safe during travels, just in case you order the moringa tree starter kit with the tea inside say in California, or Ohio, or Nebraska. It'll be safe and sound all the way through the travels and you'll receive it super fresh.

Each order of the 250g moringa + mint tea also comes with the custom box that has a book inside. All the information about moringa. How you can use moringa, the benefits of moringa and also how we started the Moringa Growers' Co-op several years ago here in the Tampa Bay area.

Thank you so much for shopping local and by visiting our website Numa Thanks so much for joining us.

Please like this video, if you haven't yet, subscribe to the Numa Nursery YouTube channel. Also come visit us at the farmers market on the weekends or here at Numa Nursery during the week.

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We would love your help learning more about the moringa tree. We could use some help making moringa tea and powder and capsules. That way you can see the process of how we go from harvesting moringa trees to creating local moringa tree products, which we are super proud of. Our locally grown moringa tree products are getting to the people that want it's benefits. Moringa is helping many many people with blood, brain, body aches and several other medical conditions that may be avoided just by adding moringa in someones everyday diet.

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Thank you so much for joining us. I really hope you enjoy this new video and blog post. Please, keep in touch. My name is Kendrick Henry. Peace and Prosperous Growing.

Author: Kendrick Henry

Farmer + Architect

"Native to India, Moringa Oleifera

is an ancient tree that has been consumed for thousands of years as a staple food vegetable. Even today, the nutrient rich leaves are used to help combat malnutrition. A daily serving of moringa leaf powder can boost the immune system and can prevent many illnesses."

+ Kendrick Henry

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