Moringa Monday Podcast 01 - Jason Rashidnia

🌿 Welcome to the Moringa Monday Podcast. We met with digital marketing genie, Jason Rashidnia.👨🏻‍🏫There are only a few times you'll ever have the opportunity to meet a real life genius and humble teacher like Jason.🤝From the moment Jason and I met in 2016, he has consistently demonstrated the value of trust and friendship, seeking truth in every aspect of his life.Today, he is making a huge impact in the digital marketing scene, creating successful brands and also mentoring entrepreneurs like myself, all while creating value for his family and advocating healthier environments for future generations.🌲 Jason and I shared several days at the new Numa Farms location, formulating a plan to teach others how to grow and share the benefits of this miracle moringa tree.🏖. His passion for health and wellness carries vast distances as he travels between California and Florida sharing with others that being true to oneself is only achieved by first trusting in yourself.👁Thanks for watching today as Jason drops some major marketing gems in this one, reach him on IG @JasonRashidnia or email him directly at

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Filmed on January 13th, 2020.

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Kendrick Henry = Orange

Jason Rashidnia = Black

Great, welcome we're having our Moringa Monday shake we had put some moringa powder and our smoothies.

Yeah we have mmm a lot of bananas which is great that's delicious mmm good job on that almonds and then we got some cantaloupe here for show and eat cool.

So, welcome to Florida Brother.

Thank you, thanks for having me man I appreciate it I'm glad to be back in Florida hmm originally I'm originally grew up in Tampa Bay so yeah I know the area well.

Who are you?

How do you pronounce your last name?

I'm Jason Rashidnia It's really simple like when you see it use your phonetics just like you learn in fifth grade.

Where is the name from, where does it originate from?

So my name is actually made up no way yeah my parents my dad my dad and his three or four brothers there's like 12 of them on his side they wanted to spite their father and they changed our last name just because like it was always there there were kids they were young he always got made fun of a bit original last name in school yeah and they didn't like their father so they changed the whole last name and I was born with this last name

Wow yeah it's a it's an epic last name it's cool it sounds awesome right like what do you think about it in my head I just say Rishi, hahaha.

Other friends in my previous gig I would be called they could I just came out one day I was like I'm marketing Jesus and yeah and everybody was cracking up. I used to work at a start-up solar company and we were we were all getting ready to go out for New Year's and I came out with my hair down cuz we're all just like online marketers and yeah we have our own online brands and all these things and I never thought about what I would be or who I would be and I just like you know what I'm marketing Jesus and everybody just loved it so it's stuck between like a small group of people right but I never really pushed it publicly so I figured if I do do that I'd be in like a white robe.

This guy, we always talk about spirituality I mean he’s always like posting about the vibration, energy and sound and it's just like definitely feeling that vibe yeah crystals and yeah a couple years waking up it just waking up.

Yeah I'm aware we're in a new age man I hate to say the word New Age but it's a different but it is true like when you follow astrology we are hitting a whole different existence on this you know in this

universe yeah you know we were in the Pisces age now we are in the Aquarius.

Which you are.

I'm a Pisces

you're a Pisces yeah and I'm an Aquarius

dude you are an Aquarius

so that's why you're so chill and I'm so like, crazy!

Yeah you gotta have both sides of the equation.

Well, so you lived in St. Pete that's where you grew up.

I grew up in St. Pete I was born in St. Pete. I grew up all over Tampa Bay moved around a little bit but if anybody's from Tampa Bay I went to Wharton graduated '08 up in new New Tampa so I'm not necessarily proud about it but it's just another school

yeah but you're from here man

I'm from here

So you’re now in the San Francisco area back in Florida for a

few days yeah doing some business having some fun chillin’

I'm chillin’

Eating some good foods yeah every time like this is the first time here on the farm welcome to new both Numa Farms and Numa Nursery it’s a chilly Monday morning.

I freaking love this place

what time is it. it's about that time 10:47am. 13 13.

so what is 13 13?

13 that's like the Divine Feminine you know we have like this negative connotation to the number 13 but it's really something really beautiful yeah the Ethiopic calendar that was in place before the Gregorian calendar had 13 months supposedly Ophiuchus or the 13th what do they call it constellation is Jesus. Jesus so they dropped the 13th month when so called Jesus was born


yeah a little bit of past history there's a there's a there's a there's texts that's older than the Bible it's called the Mahabharata and it's from India mm-hmm and they talked about moringa and in all of the text talks about this miracle tree and how it's used in Ayurveda practice and herbal remedies and it actually said in the Mahabharata over 300 cures I don't know if it's the actual word that they use cures for common known diseases at the time most common diseases at the time they were able to help people with that Moringa was able to help and so when i heard that i started practicing and looking into Ayurveda yeah and that's when I started growing Moringa and so that's why we're here still growing Moringa trying to figure out how we can expand this Moringa tree industry.

Yeah that's actually a big reason why I'm here is to first understand the operation what's available to us as a team you know Kendrick and I met at a farmers market two and a half three years ago oh yeah three years ago I think it was Halloween.

It was ah it was 2016. it was Halloween 2016 I was there

with I don't remember Alyssa invited me or something my boy KC from school shoutout to KC and SACD yeah um yeah who else who you with I think you rolled up with those two

I rolled up with them but I didn't come with them

I came with somebody else I think it was Dennis and Kyle Kyle and Dennis if you see this love you guys shout to Dennis you guys shout out to Tanner Roan and my guy love that yeah but yeah that was the that's how we met yeah you know Alyssa which is the girlfriend of KC who you went to school with yeah said hey you gotta meet this guy and just it's like that's like okay oh that was right when I started my internet marketing journey you know going from so I'll give you guys some backstory like I think that's gonna be important to understand like Who I am and what I'm doing since I was 18 I've always wanted to own a business and ultimately I've been an entrepreneur my whole life and never really worked for anybody I've worked for people to understand like what not to do oh yeah but anyways like I started my first business at 18 I was selling life insurance with pro-america and from there that didn't work out I was going to college intermittently over this time and that started a craft beer and wine bar called Bit Bar oh it was a downtown


I heard about that place actually

if you did I'd be surprised yeah that's surprising because it didn't stay in business for more than six months but anyways that was my first experience of creating a business with my hands from nothing from literally just like here's an idea let's put a bunch of computers in a room let's have people pay for internet time and then play casino style games and serve them beer and wine so there was already some models that work back then and that's where like we just kind of replicate that in downtown Tampa it didn't really work to be honest

It was your first experience

my first experiment with a partnership that ultimately fell through don't need to get into too much of the details but it just it just didn't work out I invest a lot of money lost a lot of money but made a lot of serious lessons learned a lot of serious lessons in in just understanding how to do business right good and like and make sure you find the right people because like you can vest lots of time lots of money and get to a certain point in business make money and everybody's happy but if you don't have the right people around like it won't sustain it won't sustain people will get upset anyways like loyalty honesty trust these are the first things you got to figure out and people before you work with them really

so what's your what's your first tell-tale sign of someone that might not be a good partner?

say there's just red flags that you can kind of tell when if you've already been through it right yeah just things just don't add up words are said yet the reality around it, promises aren't kept promises aren't kept the reality around it aren't legit anyways so like if it happens over a long period time you know even when people are disrespectful to each other like that can only go so far you know everybody should stand in their own power everybody should have their own strength their own weaknesses and ultimately like we should respect each other to reach that that big goal that North Star yeah business yeah so I've I've begun to realize after that experience pretty much like let me figure out the thing that works for me I studied cybersecurity in college I realized I didn't want to work for the NSA CIA even though I love you guys you're doing doing some of the right things I know you hear me now haha so I switched my my study focus was I went from that to learning digital marketing I learned marketing I was reading marketing books and it caught my attention early on I didn't know I was reading marketing books for a while and I was like I love this stuff I love this stuff and I realized this is marketing so I took that and I ran and that's when I got it this digital into solar I got this solar and I start running ads for solar companies

even back in seventeen sixteen seventeen you were yeah that's how you first approached me you were talking about solar even back then.

I was

yeah like you made a couple of Turns like you made a

couple roundabouts in different industries to figure out really where you wanted to settle into.

yeah cuz I knew solar and I'm in Florida was was now achievable because of the net metering laws that changed in 2017 and when I when I learned those laws change I was like okay I got to find someone company to work for I just reached out to my network put a Facebook post up and somebody shared tagged one of my friends Pavel. Pavel if you're listening love you bro changed my life on that so he took me under his wing and I learned some of the game door-knocking all this kind of stuff and I learned the numbers when you learned the numbers in a business you'll know whether somebody's doing it right right numbers tell all and ultimately I realized the company that I got recruited for was not providing the best service for their homeowners so I left and I discovered another company that flew me over to California I remember that yeah that was about two years ago.

you went from living here we started our friendship started talking about business hung out a few times and we actually continued growing our our business relationship and friendship as you moved to San Francisco

yeah I mean we've been in touch at least once a week yeah for two years

at least once a week for two years phone calls to and and

just connecting

I'm like what do we learn now from where we're at to where we're going what's the goals and really setting down a framework to make Numa Nursery a real global brand

I'm getting chills right so this man right here has inspired me to make these videos to learn about all these guys that are coming out with marketing strategies and he's hooked me up with behind the scenes software and platforms with all the you know high profile marketing you know gurus that we that we follow um so I appreciate you for that

no problem yeah I mean it's ultimately all the data we ever need to get anything done it's available to us now so basically it's just like what we're doing here yeah it's getting you insight into behind the scene what this is

like what is this this is Moringa Monday this is Moringa Monday so again welcome to Moringa Monday so why are we so hyped like right now like I came in its Moringa Monday why am I so hyped and I'm like ecstatic because this past weekend we literally just made I think about 12-13 hundred dollars at the farmers market mm-hmm we we went to the most amount of farmers markets that we could hit in one weekend we went to five farmers markets that's a big deal so three guys yeah five different farmers markets Saturday Uncle Bob was at Lakeland Saturday I was at Temple Terrace our boy Kevin from Real Sweet Farms he was at Carrollwood Sunday wha'd we do Sunday Sunday Uncle Bob was at Seminole Heights and yesterday Sunday I was at Cory Avenue in St. Pete Beach and it was just beautiful I mean it was just live people everywhere there was craft fair shows like all the so called snowbirds and tourists were back into town from the holidays so it's weird cuz like in Florida people will come into town say like October first you see the flood you see the flood of everybody coming in traffic gets more crazy everybody's coming in store stores and restaurants are filling back up in the nighttime it's getting more a little bit more live happy hour you know it's getting a little bit more alive you know and so like from October to December it's pretty live but then we have that holiday season you know they're at the end of December and early January where it's kind of dead again it's weird it's like this little lull Uncle Bob and I were like what happened you know so weekend we saw a bunch of people but it may be maybe they spent all their money maybe they spent all their money haha on everybody else and we're like trying to figure out how we can get in on that I mean you had a really successful Thanksgiving didn't you like a Thanksgiving ad didn't you like come out with like an ad for someone and I mean I know you work I know you work freelance and you also have clients and things like that maybe you're not able to talk about it but I remember you just mentioning something like you had a really successful Thanksgiving and you wanted to plan a trip out here.

yeah yeah we just we closed the big client that's what and that yeah that's what it was and just using what we did there we're still working on it like that's that's a current year contract with the clients so we're gonna deliver on that but that gave the the juice to come out here and be able to kind of connect and really like solidify what we're doing with Numa Nursery and see like where where what needs improvement ultimately we're like defining like how do we get here how do we get to B that's why whatever B is yeah you know how do we get to B

I was just thinking about the scaling how do we go from running ragged Thursday and Friday getting ready for the farmers market Saturday Sunday running ragged at the farmers market and Monday we're behind on our online sales because we haven't been able to fill any orders since Thursday

that's the challenge of being entrepreneur is growing a start-up business in any situation like you know you always feel like you don't have enough hands there's just not enough time in the day to handle the things that you want or money but we try not to make excuses like we're not making excuses here we're just like holy shit there's this many orders that you have to get done there's only so many hours in a day that you can do it plus you have to harvest plus you have to process

that's what I have to tell people yeah people calling me like after the second day like hey where's my order and I'm like hey you know #moringalove please be patient it's literally just myself and Uncle Bob right now

yeah it's just two people running a business and there's only so much you can do in a day so ultimately the challenge is how do we get increase in orders but also decrease in stress so that you can fulfill those orders like yes that's where you're at okay and so we want to increase orders as we can we can create a campaign that increases orders with an art like all the kinds of offers we talked about yeah you know two to four ones all these kinds of things but ultimately we have to drive with pay for ads to drive traffic to get them to buy but if you have that increase of volume are you gonna fulfill without killing yourself,

that's where we're at and thats is what has inspired this whole thing is that we were looking for a fulfillment center in Tampa now there was a gentleman in Clearwater that I mentioned to you that we met last year and he has a small fulfillment center and it's a certified organic facility that's cool but when I asked him about his machinery he's got the same stuff that we have and so I'm going to be paying him whether it's 10 cents a capsule or whatever when I could also at the same time do that

right here yeah yeah I know I get the certified organic on the label which helps and also saves us the labor of having to do it but we do have that's gonna cut out on our on our profits right now so we have to get more profitable somehow

well certified organic helps you increase your prices

yes well there's a difference between growing certified organic and also packaging in a certified organic facility yeah but being real but just having it people don't care they all still don't even know being real like and maybe the certified packaging facility average you know logo label that it's going on the label you know isn't up front maybe it's not allowed to be up front you know maybe it's only allowed to be in the back near the code near the barcode where it says something where you can't put something in the front because they might get confused with USDA Organic and that's where we get held up in our sales because we do get large companies asking for hundreds of kilos of Moringa powder of the powder right here which is in the smoothie which I'm feeling good how you feeling?

Good, great this is amazing

oh yeah gotta have some kratom, it’s in here too, try the green one Kratom Green Raiu mmm gets us talky yeah just kind of like lightens it up a little bit but good you know what I was saying is that that this fulfillment center isn't exactly what we need there's no too small it's too small we want to be able to drop our loose-leaf off maybe possibly drop our powder off possibly drop our capsules off if we had the machine here but more so we want to be able to just give them vacuum seal of loose-leaf and have them powder it have then cap it and have them distribute it when the orders come in right because you mentioned something like why can't we have have the computer on and when the order comes in it automatically prints not only the receipt ticket but also prints the shipping label

that's what I was saying it's like if you're stressing out about the actual fulfillment of it yeah decrease everything can be as much as computerized as possible when an order hits ding printed everything out and it's in front of you right when you get to the desk like okay now we got to fulfill this and you go to fulfill it that's an idea I you know I know some of the most successful like econ marketers out there they have partnerships with fulfillment centers and that ultimately that's what it is is like okay so that you can only vote so you only focus on the marketing the content pieces the pushing the ads in front of the right people and building up the audience and and so like once you have that audience that list of people that want that know like and trust you they're gonna buy from you, we had it you loved it.

we have a massive audience that we’ve collected. we collected over a hundred emails this past week and this is just one of the sheets but we collected several hundred hundreds and phone numbers so that way people that are interested in learning more about Moringa don't know mostly everybody that does this is like has never heard of Moringa before in their life yeah you don't know and that's what we're facing not as much as we were like three years ago four years ago now when people pass by the farmers market and they say oh we have a tree or oh we have one of your trees from last year or oh my tree is huge yeah you know what I do I say can we cut it and they're looking at me like what can I cut it like make they literally cross the the freaking gauntlet of people that are passing by just to come into my booth yeah have some tea and like what do you mean cut it like well every time you cut it it splits every time you cut it back it splits and it's it's the nature of a plant when I learned that yeah that blew my mind did you did you know that

I learned that just from growing cannabis. not me personally, but the cutting back green strategy yes with the buds yeah let's them come out super long and thick that I just learned it from the same saying it in the article.

I was growing cannabis in my closet, not my dorm room closet,

I never grew cannabis by the way I've read

a lot about it

actually cannabis is my gateway plant because It was the first plant I started growing it in 2010 in my closet and I had eight plants kind of hybrid hydroponic hybrid soil yeah and I put a plastic room inside of the room in my bedroom and put the plastic in there and had a bunch of plants and I learned how to split them out yeah and get the flowers going essentially Thank You cannabis for bringing Moringa to light and also my love for plants and I know that that's what's doing for millions of other people not only in medicine but the Moringa for someone that may now want to take cannabis or use cannabis maybe it doesn't give them a good feeling you know and that's that's fine there's also other anti-inflammatory alternatives out there just as powerful as cannabis to have also other benefits too and that's why we're bringing Moringa to the forefront and trying to grow this industry here in Tampa I mean even you're like dude I gotta get to Tampa

yeah yeah I do

and I'm over there like dude I need to get to San Francisco and

get Moringa more out there so it's like I love the dynamic of you being out there I feel like with you there and we're on the phone and we're talking to FaceTime that we're like covering the whole ground you know I feel like our talks are spanning the entire country and that every time I drop the M-bomb the Moringa you know on the line on the phone with you I feel like it's shower ring all over all over I have that like just visual

yeah no I get it and I actually live don't live too far from some of the biggest moringa competitors in the space yes and that's what's beautiful is like I know some of their challenges from friends of mine who bought and sold Moringa is that they're not really into business they've just done a little bit and they was telling me who their suppliers are and how like the quality in the marketplace I don’t know if we want to talk about that

we can we're gonna come out with a with a video that actually shows our competitors their Moringa straight from their bottle Oh tastes it tastes like stevia yeah tastes like oregano yeah it's brown it's it's it's dehydrated it's gross so like being a grower so I've taken the past 3-4 years in experimenting and testing with Moringa starting with the drying process coming out with this high quality green Moringa that you can just taste it vibe and right on your fingertip as you take a little bit of the powder versus some of the other competitors like what's the difference and I'll tell you what it is it's local so it's local yeah I had people come up to me and bring some of the Moringa that they bought from a large department store yeah it said look at this trash what is this they're claiming this is Moringa and we went both back and forth open my bag up and said that's why it's important to always shop local

half the shop locally people don't realize the supply chain they go and grow pounds and kilos of moringa and it sits in a warehouse it doesn't do anything doesn't move this is fresh right off the ground here and it just moves a few miles that's it it's it's a huge huge vastly huge difference in the quality because you're in it to help yourself you're not in it to give money to the big conglomerate to just say I might be getting healthy you're getting really healthy you have a true nutrient-rich mineral rich plant that you can get down the street and you have to add to your view you're gonna end up adding to your whole diet

is it is it a law that quality has to be sacrificed with scale?

no I see the story all the time it's a misconception and I think it's I think we'll better off where people all around the world are growing their own that's in abundance and sharing it with their communities that’s what the co-op is

that's the whole point of this co-op

that's the whole point of the Moringa Growers' Co-op that you've started it was about four years ago like that yeah yeah we've got how

many people but you've got a lot

we’ve organized over 300 people in the Tampa Bay area

growing the trees with us providing us with the greens but also now and this is where the patience comes in yeah okay because some of our partners in the past wanted to force this membership down people's throats like you have to get them to pay $100 or you have to get them do this and you have to get them do that and this is the rules of having a co-op okay and I didn't like that because I didn't feel like the people themselves made the decision for themselves like having a child as a father you know that you could tell your son exactly what to do or you could take a little bit of a step back and see his mind working and figuring things out and then he's like daddy I got it and you're like yes I'm literally I don't have any children but I'm looking at all the people that want to grow and that are coming to me for the first time going through my own processes of how I felt the first time I realized that I could take something from the tree I could dry it on this table and I could consume it in my smoothie every single day Uncle Bob's been fasting on moringa. Thank You Uncle Bob it's not shaky too much he's had his Moringa this morning that's why he's solid he took his minerals he's there he's like boom ready and that's and that's what we're saying is that how when people realize that on their own like we just had a guy he's like well Kendrick if you can't get out out here why don't I just cut it for you why don't I just dry it for you and why don't I just bring it over to you and I said thank you because this is what I'm trying to help people to see that they have to help themselves if they want to be in the co-op or in anything in any organization they have to also put in that work for us like you may know a frontier co-op you may have heard of mountain rose herbs they have a co-op there's several co-ops around the world where you may order from even websites or may see them in your local health food stores and what does it say in the back label, sourced from several farming properties around Asia and India or South America you know essentially if we had enough certified organic facilities or places that are growing the Moringa trees with us I think that supply chain is even stronger than having the mono crop system you know that can get wiped out too easily that's it's all subsidized anyways

yeah you might have to share like what does mono cropping mean

for mono crop there it's just like having like corn just having hundreds of acres of corn yeah it's such a system that doesn't even is that not even profitable the reason why the cost is so low for fuel and ethanol is because the government pays those farmers are subsidized it so and the co-op system has been shown to be a much more successful profitable system and also put some money back into the local economy

right that's what we want to do

yes so that's the key is just understanding the traditional business structure of farming and agriculture over the past hundred years and where we're at now with technology and what we can do without all the BS

and being able to educate you a regular person down the street grow your own food and monetize it monetize it and turn it into side income if you really have to pay your taxes,

pay your property taxes that's kind of what I wanted to get into is paying your property taxes by growing moringa trees

what that's next-level

off of just the twenty Moringa trees that you have growing in your backyard

yeah people lose their house because they have not paid the property taxes

and it's usually like a hundred bucks a thousand bucks but anyone could make that money with just a few plants in their backyard nursery business is really powerful I mean we've got plants here that are generating hundreds of dollars in income a month you know just sitting here because they're accruing interest and value by just sitting right here on this table with the Sun this is an aloe that we've been growing here for about three four months it's doubled and tripled in size now versus a $2 plant it's a five dollar plant we just potted this up yesterday yeah and it's super valuable to be able to just take something that's already you know in nature yeah and create value you know and what is that one grant that we're applying for the added value grant or you can take a plant and you can add value to it by making powder by making it you know in a package presentable and I think the state of Florida or many other organizations USDA, FDA are promoting those types of grants for farmers and that's what we're looking into too as well right now.

okay that's beautiful


yeah I mean there's there's a lot of a lot of road to cover for all this stuff yeah ultimately what other what are their big what are the major well a lot of people know the major benefits of moringa but still it's still coming up it - we see it as the next as the next like bigger than CBD boom really because its food its food you know and anybody can grow this legally no problems there's no regulation against it

why hasn't anybody heard of this moringa tree? supposedly some people say ten years ago

what it was really, I look at just the keyword searches when it became sort of like started bumping up the keyword searches online and it was about like seven eight years ago when people were starting to google just moringa like moringa tree moringa and that's when it like start popping I first heard about it was when you are here so like now it's bubbling like there's this is a compound effect when you have enough people learning about something yeah they're gonna keep seeking it out they're gonna keep searching for it if they can't find it then they're gonna make it and make it themselves yeah and and ultimately that's where we want to be able to serve the community of people who care about their health who want to feel better be better and can even make a side income with this like we're turning this into a way that you're not wasting your time you know it's - it's almost turnkey where we give you like the starter kit the box all the information is in there on how to grow it but the benefits are get the box and yeah I pretty much you'll know everything you need to do on on how to turn this beautiful green tree into money for yourself and it come it comes with seeds comes with seeds comes with seeds it comes with everything you need comes with your information yeah so we feel like this one box when you when you put in the focus on like here's the outcome of what you'll get which we've described in another video before it's like how to make a hundred thousand dollars with Moringa

that's why I'm literally sharing all the money aspect of this whole moringa business people in the past I've said Kendrick you know you're you're only about the money and I said the money is the most important part that I can have freedom in this moment to be able to provide more Moringa to more people I can buy soil I can buy more pots I can become more sustainable more money actually one of my best friends just a year ago was like Kendricks what's what's wrong like why are you so sad and I said like I'm having to use all this plastic in all my packaging and he's like look if you can somehow scale your business to become profitable you can invest or at that moment transfer your business over to a hemp plastic or a biodegradable plastic but you can't do anything right now and if you're not gonna be able to do anything right now don't do it half-assed yeah so either go all-in with it love the fact that this is all we have right now push it as hard as you can even though we do source things like this is a rice paper yeah you know and so this is biodegradable yep and so I've done little things like that because I am concerned about the plastics and all the waste that we're creating and so that's why also our next venture is mushrooms we're gonna be

starting to grow mushrooms

that was exciting when I came over he just I was really excited because I love mushrooms and not only the magic ones only I liked all the good ones all the good ones from the brain shit ha I just took some

yeah you just took a brain booster with mushrooms in it

yeah yep there was mushrooms in it alpha GPC and all that so like that's key I mean there's a mushroom called lion's mane that is the only plant that I know of or mushroom that rebuilds brain cells

I heard that - yeah it looks like a brain

it looks like a brain yeah and it like the the founder of a creator or guy who found discovered it won a Nobel Peace Prize for this really I forgot his name but we'll have to look that up

well the reason why I brought up mushrooms in this case is because we could cultivate mushrooms that actually help to break down plastics that's on site on site yeah the mycelium it will eat it all up we could create some sort of recycling program where people bring their packaging or can return their packaging for all the waste I know where I can be able to do it all but at the same time it's a way that I'm thinking of how we can sustainably grow and scale this business at the same time as providing people with high quality Moringa and people are like Kendrick why do you love Moringa so much like you've been pushing Moringa everything that you say is about Moringa every day is because Moringa literally is my main food source yeah it has been my main food source for five years yeah I fasted off of Moringa for thirty days alone Uncle Bob literally doesn't eat anything but avocado sandwiches and Moringa, bananas and smoothies with us and fills up with little things but mostly all day he's drinking a yerba matte-moringa mix with Moringa powder in it stirs it up and drinks literally the whole gallon in a day and is just glowing glowing I'm telling you like it's just you can see it radiating and smell from the skin and the body and just you can just tell that you're getting in minerals I mean how do you feel Jason, I mean you've been taking more Moringa the past couple days than probably ever

actually the past three days I’ve been taking the mushroom brain boost but today so far this moringa smoothie is so good it's it's good it's great right now but every time I take moringa every time and I have my batch sitting at home I can't wait to walk home just to just to eat some but oh every time I take it like I'm clearing out my bowels I'm clearing out everything because you're you're sitting with like 10 20 pounds of actual shit Oh in your intestines this isn’t subtle actual shit you can't even push it out like moringa helps you push all that junk out

it's crazy you said that actually a lot of people came in the booth this weekend suffering from constipation yeah and and I can directly relate to them because I suffered from severe constipation onset Crohn's disease and an IBS for 13 years yeah from the time I was 13 years old I was taking enemas everyday laxatives everyday drinking barley greens every day in fear of travelling because I know if I went on the airplane or if I went in a car for more than three to six hours I wouldn't be going to the bathroom for three days you know and it was because the stress the stress of not knowing when the next time I was gonna go to the bathroom and fear that if I ate something I wasn't gonna be able to go number two and I was gonna throw that food up because I didn't have enough room in my system to eat and it was so painful it was so painful yeah just reliving those experiences for years and sick constantly sick like mucus because of that because the bowels are the center mm-hmm if you have stuff in there you're accumulating mucus I was constantly sick I was going to school at

the time too and just taking exams and having to work full time and going to school full time not eating very well at all not knowing what was the good food that's suffering from this condition behind the scenes highly malnourished severely anemic by time I was 25 well and through through just a few searches was able to find a group on Twitter that were suffering from the same kind of issues that I was and the solution to it was at the time I realized was much more of a plant-based diet and that plant based diet led to higher protein sources right the higher protein sources led me to a list of things like quinoa and spirulina and chlorella and Moringa and I and I heard it a couple times I never saw it and I started working as an intern actually on this property five years ago yeah five years ago I was working as a nursery hand on this property and even then business was a struggle for them too ups and downs in the industry what to sell when to sell having the back stock there were storms wiped out a bunch of plants yeah so the family was like trying to experiment with different things at the time and this was in 2013-2014 right and they had started growing Moringa but they had too much overhead shade oh and so they said hey Kendrick thanks for your days work of work here's 80 moringa trees you can have them for the day's worth of work because they weren't growing they were trying to make a room for other things they had had them for like maybe a hundred eighty days at that point and they're like this isn't really working for us we have eighty leftover we sold a couple hundred but we have these 80 left over Kendrick why don't you take those for a day's worth of work and that was the start of the co-op so I started planting them going door to door knocking on people's doors in the neighborhood planting moringa trees on other people's yards

wow that's great

and then since then five years later I've just been able to get those people calling me back like hey Kendrick the trees are ready come harvest yeah come have lunch and hang out for the afternoon while you harvest yeah we'll talk we'll drink some tea they tell us some stories we hadn't seen them in a year right now because we will usually go about once or twice a year to each property okay and visit them and so now the trees are huge and they're producing tons of drumsticks so this is a little experiment that we're doing right now I actually put some polyurethane on this and preserved it this is a dried Moringa drumstick

it sounded nice it does let's go wow the the concept of this is to actually make some art pieces yeah with with the drum sticks that can't be used and actually he put it in a vase and gave it to me I was like that actually looks good yeah

I put that on my desk well even as a teaching opportunity for universities and schools that may want to order some of these preserve to drumsticks because their classrooms you know may call for you know some more information in the books or something like that like you know maybe at some plant schools or you never know and yeah an art but this is something that we're working on and really just enjoying this there's a whole farm life enjoying that you're here being able to talk about all these things you're helping to lighten the load because Uncle Bob and I we're getting a little overwhelmed with day to day and we need some help we do and that's why we're here to in this life everything is going good Uncle Bob we're still filming yeah awesome um we're looking for help we are yep we need some assistance um we're looking for one person one person possibly two maybe two for editing or what well I guess we have a few different angles that we need to go after we have some digital behind the scenes guys your guys at ‘What A Story’ yeah they want to help and be a part of the team and help us editing videos they do they do we also may just need a person on deck like maybe someone at USF that can do an internship with us that's also filmography maybe just be able to take that content send it to our guys at ‘What A Story’ to be able to do the editing and then we have a distribution that might be a deal I do working through that so there's a quiet a few things we need

so it sounds like we're gonna need a video production tech somebody at the beginning of their learning process who need to build a portfolio this is a perfect portfolio business for you like at least so you can get something to share with your other prospects because I know every videographer needs somebody sending something to say hey I shot this video so like yeah you have a chance to actually not only help the community but help yourself grow your portfolio so

that's one key to this one definitely but we need someone here we need someone that can also put some put some help us with the farmers market products you know someone that's wanting to learn about packaging you know and how to how to create a presentable package I mean we have the labels we have the packaging and we're going straight from the trees and we're gonna teach these people how to dry them you know how to powder them how to package them and also potentially that person can also be cross-trained into going to the farmers market as a representative as a representative yeah of us and and as a farmer so it comes down to we can teach you how to do sales

if you want anything in life it's learning how to sell

I'm learning that

if you want anything in life learn how to close somebody on giving you a dollar that's it if you can close anybody on that you'll win

I get asked all the time Kendrick what are you doing at the farmers market aren't you an architect? Yes I'm architecting right now, in this very moment. I'm building a business.


I'm building community when I say that it just blows their mind that it doesn't actually have to be a physical building Architects are philosophers and teachers and they mold and shape the direction in

which society is going

correct okay

they don't actually have to have the physical building in front of you to be an architect or the house built to be an architect, we’re artists architects work mostly ninety percent of the time in model space yeah you know in idea space in creative space and when I tell them that I'm trying to learn how to sell because if I ever want to sell my house or sell my idea I need to become a good salesman and that's what I'm doing right now I'm in sales school

Sales, it's a dirty word people have this like connotation of sales being a dirty word but sales is not does not need to be slimy like the like everybody has that connotation of like a sleazy car salesman but it's not even like that anymore you have I don't have to sell anybody on anything you have all the information in front of you google what Moringa is

it's so easy to be a Salesman right now

it's so easy you have all information from your customers or more informed than anything else all they wanna know is how much is it like you got a deal

yeah so that's what I've been doing when people say what is it good for what does it do what does it have this and that yes I give them the basics you know like it’s a complete protein, I tell them it has iron for the blood protein for energy, calcium for the bones and I give them the basics

what are the benefits of an intern working here in Numa Nursery?

yeah so you're gonna learn how to process product from raw form all the

way to a presentable retail box package

whatever the case is and you'll also learn how to sell it you know ultimately like if I knew how to sell when I was younger and when I was 16-17 I'd have been way more successful like faster than than ever I'm 29 now and I wish I learned how to sell when I was younger because then I'd just be like I would speed up my whole life process

I'm not here to tell that person what it's good for I'm not here to tell you we can it can it can heal or C word your diabetes or your lupus or any kind of the ailments that you've been going through cancer and things like that I'm not here I'm not a doctor I can't I can't legally do that and people are looking at like what does it do what does it do I am literally just here as a chalice and facilitator and provider of the product itself me alone me standing here alone with Moringa in my hand is literally the this is this is the story this is how this is what it's good for my story itself I can't necessarily speak for everyone else and what it's done for them but I know what it's done for me and why I push it and why it's so good I want hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of kilos to be able to give more away I'd rather be giving more away to schools and charities and providing it for lunches at some of our some of our local elementary schools and middle schools like that's one of the programs that we're trying to start is free moringa smoothies for these schools

these kids can get free moringa smoothies and subsidized by whatever I don't know how the school board gets their money but they get free moringa smoothies no none of these kids at schools would get sick many school schools would have kids coming into the

don't make a claim bro (jokingly) that's crazy

yes you're right don't make a claim is true I can't make a claim.

its crazy.

a lot of these kids just aren't getting enough nutrition they're just not there their parents are living below poverty level they they don't know anything about nutrition and so when they're coming to school they're still being fed junk you know it's not real food it's it's just I don't know if you have school lunch if you remember that I remember that little rubbery pizza that would come every Friday it was like the best thing to me at that time


cookies all that's crap like I would not eat that right now I would not because I know how bad it is like it' still so right now none of that has actually changed in schools really and if somebody's changed I haven't heard of that so like if I haven't heard about it then I don't think it's changed so that's why we want to provide it

and that's why I'm here literally just to be a provider yeah I'm literally just a provider I want to be able to answer all your questions there's lots of documents online you just have to be proactive in your own life in your own life and your own health and knowing that we have the best local Moringa on the entire market right here grown in the Tampa Bay area fresh this farm is going to be a poppin' right now it's winter time so we're prepping the land right now we're getting the soil built up and we're and we're and we're sprouting our seedlings right now yeah so we have a bunch of little seedlings that are popping up and so that way we can start really hitting this moringa tree industry

this year coming this spring

It really clicked to me while we were talking about it about the school's distributing like the moringa smoothies we create a wellness program just for schools where we give them deep discounted moringa just for the schools is our program and eight yeah there'll be limits to how much to buy or whatever but like all details can be figured out but ultimately parents want their kids to be healthy

and happy we put together a program for these schools to provide that for lunch and with a full nutritional palate like this this could be that thing for them it could be a thing it's a lot easier to make a smoothie to make those rubbery pizzas frozen pizzas but people don't have faith in that this is protein that this is gonna give them the energy they need to have that second education process the hardest thing is the education process and faculty and these people would know that you know they know how hard it is to teach a kid something especially when they go home cuz I used to work in the school system right I installed IT I was doing an IT installation for Hillsborough County Schools I was a subcontractor I would just hear the conversations right and I was just like man people are just sick like conversations like so sick yeah there was actually I'll never forget there was one chick and this is a little bit off top of it makes relevance because there was one teacher who I was talking to the librarian at the time she would always say this one teacher is always in the bathroom complaining about her bowel movements and then she sees what she eats at lunch Buffalo Wild Wings and fries every single day not one green in her life and this is right when I was starting to learn about like moringa green plants nutrition all these things and it's just like the teachers don't even know the teachers don't even know the benefits the nutritional benefits of these things

like because they're already feeding themselves full of crap so their insides are full of crap their brains are full of crap even if they have master's degrees I hate to say it but it's true

like how do you think they got through the master's program by eating like crap because you have to go to school so much

yeah so we'll have to break the cycle of crap cycling that's what I kind of like to call it break this crap cycle by by shattering the reality of what nutrition is for the world and the body that's what we're doing right here that's what we're doing right here so I think that's really key to people for people to understand it's like most of the foods

that come into schools or or really even this even the shops like you go to a franchise shop a lot of the nutrients are like burned out of it

dilute it you know

so that comes back to the quality here because some companies are cooking yeah some companies are cooking it to get it you like dry faster


and then they're coloring it back to the green color oh wow so it'll be

cooked it'll be brown and then they're coloring it back to green yeah that's it it's still Moringa

I have an issue with that big-time

yeah you're not getting the nutrient so if you compare one scoop of this and you just swallow it down with water that's generally ten times more powerful than you going get a retail store regular brown junk powder like that's really on top of that a guy came to me he's like yo I just bought this and it's just full of sticks and stems yeah oh yeah what if what if they're literally just grinding the entire branch so they strip it and without stripping the branches off the leaves they're just throwing that whole thing in the dryer blender

yeah they probably are I mean that's a shame

it could be one of the reasons why sometimes people have different effects because the branches and the sticks have a different medicinal property than the leaves okay it's used for different preparations it's like you mix that whole thing together I mean you're getting like a confused concoction it doesn't know what it's doing for the body because sometimes it wants to flush it out

sometimes it's actually what do they call that helping you to absorb nutrients and keep nutrients I think Moringa is what's called a flocculent. A flocculent so what it does is it takes toxins in your body and it brings them all together from deep in the core like from the marrow it'll help pull out heavy metals and they'll bring it to the surface and it'll help you eliminate in that process also - that's why people are feeling crappy yeah because it's actually detoxing and cleansing and it's pulling these toxins out of the blood and out of your body that process can be really violent especially for those that have had chemotherapy, lots of antibiotics, you know and also most recent vaccinations you know because there's heavy metals and mercury and things like that but that’s one of the topics so what do you think do you think we've pretty much covered what we need to today and just kind of introduced ourselves and yeah

yeah sure man

I really love that you're here

I appreciate you having me here we covered a wide range of topics there's not much to really cover besides like I guess if you guys ever want to reach out to me or anything you can reach out to me on Instagram at Jason Rashidnia or Email me at that's just me get directly to me you'll get directly to me at least for now on this partnership and how we're building this industry and how we can get it out there more digitally behind the scenes or doing that work you've got

amazing softwares that you have access to that he's helping us out with and just bring Numa Nursery to the forefront so yeah I know I definitely want to make Numa a global brand in wellness one of the global brands and wellness like not just only health but mental health too not like body health mental health there's even plans to get into the beauty industry

we already are

well which we kind of are already

we're making cosmetic products out of our oils that were pressing right here from these seeds

exactly I want to talk about this oil my mom uses my mom didn't know anything about Moringa I brought the oil to the house and ever since it by day one she's been clearing out my vials what is she using what's the moringa on her face really her hair her nail like all this

yeah nails

like she just puts it all over her face so for the first month of doing this everybody at work is like what are you doing what's your secret and she's just like it's moringa and you're getting it fully non dilute straight from seed so like this is pure just use a little bit like a little goes a long way it does and you can use it as a carrier oil and mix other oils in it so use it as a base with other oils

Oh exactly!

and that's the key is like it when you understand like the beauty industry they're using plant-based stuff they don't just use they just don't use the same names that we do they just they use chemically names but really we know what they are what plants they are it's better to just

get a direct from the plant non-dilutive pure oil mix it yourself and then put it on your we have way better off doing that than any other like five hundred dollar bottle yeah from from a beauty salon or whatever the case is I don't go shop there cuz I just know the ingredient list see you know I know what give me he sent me a big pack of big jar of Moringa oil I hope it's not gone by the time I get back I'll probably use this

we’ll send you some more we'll send you off back to Cali for more

yeah that's gonna be funny but anyways if you care about your beauty if you care about your face your skin and nails you know this is this is one of those I mean who doesn't if you want to stay looking young feeling young feeling young feeling young is key right like first starts with her mental health but ultimately this is an anti-inflammatory

so when you put it on your face and it's absorbing into your skin on your body on your joints wherever it is it's in your bloodstream it's in your bloodstream so whatever you put on your body is in your body within just a few minutes

exactly the dermis is direct to the bloodstream so that's good news man yeah everybody should use the moringa oil

I’m happy my mom's happy my mom got some too yeah my dad's like yo I need a refill in the capsules yo that's it all our family members are getting hip to it you know we have lots of aunts and uncles around that we have in the neighborhood that are just like steady like capsules and some people that do smoothies are just like smoothie smoothies and every single one of them has said Moringa has changed their life dramatically thanking us for being the provider of

this is locally sourced moringa that they that say that it is relieving them from the pressures of having to buy it on say large companies that yes it's convenient and cheap and yes you can order Moringa for $20 or for a hundred capsules this and that but where is it coming from?

how long has it been sitting on the shelf how long ago was it harvested and also was the farm that harvested those greens a conventional farm just a year ago right so what that means is because of Moringa industry getting so growing so fast you've got people growing tomatoes with chemicals one year saying okay let's grow Moringa the next year the chemicals are in the ground and now a lot of these large companies that are sourcing Moringa around the world they're getting it tested with heavy metals and they're getting rejected and getting sent back and so now all the large Moringa companies are scrambling looking all around the world for good sources that's why they're calling me like hey can you get us a hundred kilos moringa powder can you you know can you come in can you send us a test of your Moringa and I said I can but it's not certified organic you're not even interested click and I'm more like can I sell it to all of my people out here that are local and close by that can come right here and pick it up right here from the farmer and meet me and ask me and also see that that was harvested yeah watch the videos you can see some of the videos that we have where some of these these trees are beautiful in old neighborhoods in the backyard hasn't been touched no sprays yeah you know and it's so healthy it's so pure so much more stronger than what you'll get

you can pay for convenience or you can pay for quality at the end of the day you got to make a decision but if you care about your health quality is number one you know and we're not even it's like we're not even adding that value tax that premium tax to this thing if you were to go to a premium line of anything in any situation I don't know how that would have went compared to but I need a good comparison yeah a premium what's a premium let's just say in the beauty industry or just in the food industry like not to name names there's there's a large company that just sells supplements for the last 20 years they're well known in all the main stores


but I found out one of their processors my good friend of mine is in this supplement space too and he said one of the processors left because they couldn't take working for them seeing filler, wood filler, being added to the supplements.

Oh, I just said that, didn't I say sawdust!

so there's one major company like yeah I can't even say the name and

it's glucose which is sugar

yeah but the word on the ingredients like it's not real it's what, pulp it's wood pulp and that that's just that's to make it heavier it's to make the package heavier

oh my gosh

and it's not really you're not really getting them medicine you're not getting the plant-based material that you need for your body to heal and yeah this particular person left that company because like she just couldn't handle seeing it happen and her selling this to the world


and it's a major company these are big people and you just don't want to talk about the name because we don't get sued no so anyways that's why I say there's a difference between convenience and quality so ultimately when you find a company that has the solids supply chain gotta talk to the people who run the company not the figurehead I've talked to people who are actually harvesting it or processing it

that's Uncle Bob behind the camera Bob this man right here also our number is available and you can call me right here you can call me right now I mean it's on silent right now but and we're working on eventually having these calls coming in and directed to the right people at the right time so that way even myself could have a moment free from calls while talking to people in person versus always getting inundated with calls and stuff but it's a joy to talk with anyone, anytime so please call us if you have a question because right now you can get ahold of me

yeah this is the only time probably this year you'll be able to get ahold of Kendrick after this year this new year he's gonna be very busy he's gonna be very busy so you're gonna have other people answering but if you want if you have questions Kendrick call his call number at go to the website take take a look so you what to see what we have right now but if you have questions definitely call them what's the email is


email him at go to comments well just to browse around and learn a little bit about a little bit more about Moringa info

tons of info

we also have the PDF the free downloadable book yeah it's a Moringa Growers’ Co-op guide right yeah so there's you know there's a guide that you can download and just learn how to grow it yourself that's right don't necessarily have to buy the box but I just learn how to grow it yourself yeah and when that interest you come by pack of seeds and we'll ship it out to you get the starter kit get this dark ideally get the starter kit everything's in there for for smoothies for growing teas whatever you have selects track all of a spice add it to your life and see what happens in 30 days thank you

Jason thank you

I appreciate it guys

dude this is awesome I'm glad everybody's here happy Moringa Monday, Happy Moringa Monday thank you join us next Monday and we're gonna have another guest and thanks for coming by to Numa Nursery if you'd like to visit us please just give me a call make an appointment if you'd like to get Moringa trees also visit us at the farmers market on the weekends we'll post our farmers market schedule and yeah peace and prosperous growing really appreciate you everyone

and love guys peace

thank you for sure

and may health be with you.

(Uncle Bob)

May health be with you


Author: Kendrick Henry

Farmer + Architect

"Native to India, Moringa Oleifera is an ancient tree that has been consumed for thousands of years as a staple food vegetable. Even today, the nutrient rich leaves are used to help combat malnutrition.

A daily serving of moringa leaf powder can boost the immune system and can prevent many illnesses."

+ Kendrick Henry

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