Moringa Monday Podcast 06 - Travis Young

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

👌🏽 Welcome to the Moringa Monday Podcast.

🌿 On Monday July 6th, 2020

we met with

Travis Young



🌿 Today we are joined by local musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist Travis Young. It's not every day you get a chance to meet someone as humble and down to earth as Travis.

🌱As an immensely talented drummer in the band Ajeva, Travis has been touring the country and performing at shows and festivals for 10 years. Not to mention, he's finding his voice and sharing his love for humanity by giving back to others in need. Travis continues to reach for his goals and challenge himself daily by stepping up to the plate and realizing the only person holding you back is you.

👌🏽 We're very excited to learn more about Travis today. He continues to encourage his friends and family to live everyday with gratitude and in today's podcast he shares his genuine desire to be kind and not pass any judgement on others because it only causes more separation.

🌿As Travis heard more about moringa his curiosity has led him to use it more consistently in smoothies and as a encapsulated supplement and is excited to use more of the moringa extract and seed oil. He even began noticing some amazing side effects from using Numa Moringa and he wanted to share them with us.

Enjoy today's Moringa Monday Podcast with one of our good friends, Travis Young.

"Music has literally brought

me like my whole life and I almost

didn't have it."

🌴Travis started playing percussion in 8th grade and his mom was was so inspired to progress his new found skills she bought him his first drum-set by the 9th grade.

Mama put up with the loud banging noises despite warnings about how disturbing it would be.

He struggled to get a hang of it at first. Then, after playing concert band all through high school he was able to pick back up where he started, with a full set.

🌲 After taking two years to attend USF and learn the drums and feel out his next big move, Travis enrolled into the Mirror Program at St. Pete College.

Once Travis surrounded himself with other artists he was able to get a better idea of the business side of music. The industry and marketing, planning shows and events was really interesting to learn. He was positioning himself to meet the right people.

One of the tools Travis learned while attending music school was law and contracts. Its one of major reasons for Ajeva's success today, holding the rights to their music.

One of the things I've learned about Travis is his ability to reach deep within his soul and heart and put his all into anything he does.

It's with that great passion and honed-in skill he's able to act as the most important piece and solution to any problem.

Literally and figuratively he is the beat to the drum and with his new found role, being a father, he is learning the real meaning of life and how to achieve eternal happiness.

Travis, Thank you for sharing that love with others through your guiding rhythm and ability to make some really great music.

Travis talks more about how music has provided his whole life. There was a gig he wasn't even supposed to play. Then, one fateful night, unknowingly his future wife was there in the crowd.

She was invited to sing onstage with the band and has been the beat to Travis' heart ever since.

Now, with their little man, they're

the perfect musical trio.

Travis' wife and son are the backbone to his existence and set the beat to his drums as they make goals together and aspire to be a traveling musical family.

They enjoy time together playing at festivals and shows as a family, regularly going on tour or traveling together for gigs and trips to the park.

After the two love doves met by chance at gig in St. Pete, their first trip together was to Cost Rica. That was a pivotal time, which really helped open Travis' eyes to grow more of his own food.

"There the way of life out there it's just so different there man everybody's growing their own food you go to a market and it's from somebody's house that they brought all their fruits and stuff from and just everything that's fresh like even the coffee was different, it was pure."

"We're really excited to have Travis apart of the Numa Team, he's been finding solutions to many of the problems we're facing as a start-up and he is serving an intrinsic role in our success". +Kendrick Henry

Upon their return from Costa Rica, Travis and his wife made plans to start a vegan food business.

"the coffee there was like pure and perfect and then so we came back from Costa Rica and wanted to bring back that vibe and then we started our food business and we called it Pura Vida Organics"

He continued by saying..

"The first event we're just like yeah we can serve three or four thousand people no big deal"

After traveling to festivals in their food truck, it was time to take to break from the hustle and bustle. Travis continues by saying..

"I bought like a little rent-to-own shed thing and and we just remodeled it so it's basically just like a pimp-ass master bedroom, but it was a small 10 by 16 so I was living in 160 square feet for like eight that was just like the trial and tribulations, like it showed us that we can survive anything together. I made a little outdoor shower and then then we were using our freakin' food truck for the kitchen so everything was separate you just had to like walk to the next thing but it was cool it's a good experience. I mean it just proved us if we can live in 160 square feet like we can get through the rest of life together."

Then, things started picking up for Travis and Ajeva. He'd travel back and forth from the cabin in the woods, to shows all over Tampa and St. Pete. Their music started gaining momentum and has attracted a huge following. His musical dreams were beginning to show signs of progress.

This was about the time Travis and I met in 2017, I was getting the moringa business started. He says, "I just remember seeing your stuff all over the place and that's when I was like whoa, what is this, he's just like super DIY from the ground you know."

Travis began to connecting all of dots, he's very analytical and thinks about every move very strategically and he also follows his heart. Another pivotal moment in Travis' life was when he says...

"Once again freakin music, there's an organization called the Board of Advisors and it's a really awesome elite mastermind group from people all over the world and my friend James was out there doing video and the owner was like hey you got some awesome vegan food like let me try some and then we ended up like delivering food to him food for a couple weeks and then like got in with them. So the food introduced me to it. Then, I got integrated into his system and then his live events, so then I started running the sound and then I've been there for almost three years."

"Working with the Board of Advisors opened my whole entire mind to something else, there is no ceiling now."

Once Travis started asking himself some really serious questions, the veil was lifted and he could see things more clearly. The pandemic really changed his mindset, as all the gigs were closing down he said to himself..

"Am I gonna have to go work somewhere that I don't want to and create a life that I don't want?"

That's when he decided to not live in fear and take a leap of faith.

Travis came to me one day in April with so many ideas he just wanted to get it all out of his head. He started asking questions and wanted to see if he could help.

"Nothing's actually gonna happen until you like get it out and put it into action and then like do things and stuff." -Travis Young

That's when Travis got out of his own head and said to me..

"We can take this beautiful masterpiece you've created and take it to another level and scale and grow it."

He showed me a side I had not yet seen before. I really want to see if we can make a good team.

I said to myself, if he's created so much success and longevity with his band. Then, there was potential to grow our business relationship and build a team around us as well. We can utilize all of his talents for the greater good and help share his passion for unifying humanity with love and music.

Then, I called one afternoon and he said, "Hey I'm starting a live video, check it out"

I did check it out, and saw that Ajeva was performing a benefit, raising awareness about the current crisis in Africa. There are massive food shortages and continued government lockdowns.

That's when we decided to share Travis' story and also inform others about LY2NK. An organization Travis has been working with at the Board of Advisors. He mentions..

"Two hundred and fifty bucks would feed almost like eight people for a whole entire month out there in Africa so that's like you know it's like a small step. So yeah, that's what we we're doing, that's really why we're here today, to let others know how they can help."

Travis continued by saying,

Trying to take charge is the most

challenging part you know, but you just start to realize that you got to do it. I just found in my mind that I was making a lot of excuses for why I wasn't doing things and it was always

someone else's reasons like oh they did this so that's why I couldn't do that, it's like no you didn't do that because you didn't do that you know I mean like that's the realization that I came to and it's like it's challenging. It flies away sometimes and I have to reel it back in, but it's like whatever you're trying to do like you're the only person that's gonna get it done and you have to get it done. You can't say you didn't do this because this or that because like you're just making excuses just like get it done dude."

"If you don't do it now you might not do it later." -Travis Young

The conditions in several parts of Africa are terrifying with shortages of food for many children and families. This is how we can help with Covid-19 relief now and support the Kids For Africa program. This is a trusted organization selected by the Board of Advisors committee and Travis has been using his platform to share the future goals they strive to accomplish.

Since working for the Board of Advisors, Travis has seen first hand evidence when you surround yourself with others who make positive choices and go after what they believe in, your contributions to society in turn full fill your purpose.

He is very proud to know of a way to help and is now encouraging others to take more action. He says..

"Once we reach the Covid-19 response goals, then we can transition back into focusing on making a 30-acre sustainable high school."

I can see the passion in his eyes when he continues to talk about the plans for LY2NK's new Kids For Africa Sports Academy...

"We don't even have anything like that out here. This plan is already in place and what we're doing is there's like 30 people and we gather every week and it's really cool to see how its organized and how everything is done and how everything is ran."

Travis continued by saying..

"So that's the next thing, they're working on getting the 30 acres to buy (in Africa). Then, it starts from there. I think the water treatment will probably be the first thing that goes in because there's no sewage you can't just hook into the city line or anything.

Then we got to set up all the solar power and stuff like that because well they'll run off. It's weird out there they have things that are called like brownouts so you could just be like going along your day and then oh guess what, your electricity shut off for six hours because it's not working. Just deal with it."

"A career high-school teacher is working to create the curriculum and everything."

Travis continues to mention the current school conditions in Africa.

"Half the kids they they get to like elementary school or middle school and then that's all their school. That's it and you just have to go out and live? Where this (Sports Academy) is gonna give them that next level and not only is it going to give them education but now they're seeing how they can grow their own food and how they can like make their community sustainable."

"That way they can go build that in their backyard and then when a pandemic like this may hit again they they're already good to go, they'll already have their food they'll already have their system set up."

Travis was bringing up some really great points about '7 Generations' thinking and his philosophy about life and the future, by adding..

"They're empowering the youth so that child that has another child can teach their child how to do that and then it just elevates the whole entire thing. It's all about education, it's better to teach someone how to fish than to give them the fish. "

I had a great time talking with Travis and we're really excited to be teaming up together on many different projects. One of which is to grow moringa at the soon to be Kids For Africa Sports Academy.

Learn more about Moringa!

"Native to Africa and India, moringa is an anti-inflammatory herb used for thousands of years as a staple food vegetable around the world. Every part of the moringa tree can be eaten. The leaves, seeds and pods are completely edible and highly nutritional with amino acids (plant proteins), essential vitamins and trace minerals." +Kendrick Henry

"The moringa challenge is going to gently introduce moringa powder, moringa capsules, moringa tea, the moringa spice blend and lemon essential oil, very simply over the course of seven days"

Maria Malec Wellness Coach adds,

"You don't really have to change too much of what you're already doing daily. We're going to add suggestions, insider insights and pro-tips about moringa and how it can affect your body how using lemon oil and moringa together because essential oils are carriers and they attach to the molecules of other cells to help build and repair damages in the body."

🌾Thank you Travis, for visiting Numa Nursery today and for sharing with us your passion to unite the world and for being apart of something greater than yourself.

Ajeva website:

Ajeva Facebook:

Ajeva YouTube:

🌲We are asking our friends and family to tune in and watch Ajeva live streams on Facebook and donate to the LYN2K foundation which is providing food to families in Uganda during the Covid crisis.

Here are all the links below to LYN2K and all other things related to this cause. Thank you for making a Ripple of Impact




🌎 LY2NK is partnering with Kids for Africa Sports Academy in Uganda, East Africa.





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"Native to Africa and India, Moringa Oleifera is an ancient tree that has been consumed for thousands of years as a staple food vegetable. Even today, the nutrient rich leaves are used to help combat malnutrition.A daily serving of moringa leaf powder can boost the immune system and can prevent many illnesses."

+ Kendrick Henry

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