How To Grow Moringa From Seed?

Learn How To Grow a Moringa Trees From Seed

1 Moringa tree can produce hundreds of thousands of seeds in it's lifetime.

They are prolific and abundant seed producers. The moringa tree is a soft wood and are short living trees, which is why they create so much seeds to ensure their lives can carry on to the next generation.

Survival of the fittest and these moringa trees have adapted as the fittest tree among many.

Moringa is also known as drumstick tree around the world for the shape of it's vegetable seed pod. It looks like a drumstick.

Grab the drumstick right off the tree. They can form within the first year from pollinated flowers.

Usually when the drumsticks are young and green, they can be chopped and boiled in soup, traditionally known as 'drumstick sambar' in India.

Inside each drumstick you'll see several seeds. Usually, wait to open until the drumsticks has turned brown.

If you pick them earlier when drumsticks are still green, the seeds may not be fully mature and ripe looking.

If they are still green when picked, you can dry the drumsticks and open them after drying to get the seeds to darken up.

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Start growing moringa trees in a really good composted soil mix soil.

The best way to make a moringa seed soil mix is by starting with some sifted peat moss, or coconut coir.

This is type of soil holds moisture and provides some nutrients.

Prevents compaction, protecting the soft roots when forming

Then, add composted topsoil + sand mix.

The ratio between the peat moss/coco coir mix and the compost mix is 1 to 4.

The moringa loves sand and with the added nutrients of the compost, it really helps to sprout the baby moringa seeds.

You want to moringa soil mix to be more sandy than not.

Add perlite for drainage.

Perlite is a mined volcanic rock mineral that can be used in small pots, that get watered everyday, to help the soil from becoming too wet overtime. Perlite helps to regulate the water levels in the pot by creating small air pockets in the soil, allowing water to drain much better.

Add about a gallon pot worth of perlite per wheel barrel of your new moringa soil mix.

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Add Azomite rock dust for additional minerals like Iron, Magnesium and Zinc.

Find Azomite rock dust at your local garden store or online supplier. Azomite rock dust is considered an organic fertilizer.

It can add the much needed nutrients for moringa seeds and any seed for that matter, to grow big and strong.

Add about 3-4 cups of Azomite Powder per wheel barrel full of the new soil mix.

Mix all ingredients really well.

Notice its more sandy-black than woody-brown. There's a light sprinkle of perlite in the mix and the Azomite rock dust is mixed well throughout the wheel barrel.

Its already been sifted from large bark pieces, but if there is any, it's best to sift before mixing the ingredients together to avoid sifting out the perlite and other particles.

Make sure to use tall tree pots specifically designed for tree roots.

These pots are in a tall 6" cone shape, made from recycled plastic.

The tall pot shape allows the tap root to form much larger, creating a much denser and thicker tree, even in the small pots.

The trees are ready for transplanting once the roots are visible from the bottom of the cone.

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Fill the cone pots by hand.

Gently scoop in the loose, slightly wet soil that you just mixed up really well.

Fill the cone pots to about 1" from the top.

Leave space to put the seed in the pot without over filling.

Do not compact the soil in the pots.

Place 1 moringa seed per pot. Moringa seeds sprout on the flat side where the 3 segments connect.

The root and stem both pop out of the same side. So grab one of the wings and place it on top of the soil.

If the moringa seed no longer has the paper wings still attached, It usually has 3 segments. Plant it with two segments up.

For even better results, plant segment lines on an east-west plane.

Cover the moringa seeds lightly with about 1" of soil. The moringa seeds can be planted in larger pots, but, as a rule of thumb its good to start with something small like these 6" pots because it acts as a womb and keeps the soil moist during germination.

Then, as the roots get bigger, its recommended to step the pot size up gradually, once the roots fill the pots completely move them to a slightly larger pot with new composted soil and sand mix.

Then, step the pot size up gradually after about 3-6 months. Once the moringa trees are about 2-3 years old they should be in at least a 7-15 gallon pot for maximum root growth. Of course, if you're planning on planting your moringa seedings in the ground they can be planted within 45 days of sprouting.

Once your seeds are lightly covered with soil about an inch, water then once a day for about a week or until they sprout. Do not over water. Keep moist.

The moringa tree has a high germination rate.

The time of year and location does matter. moringa is a tropical tree and knows when its being planted in northern regions and not in the spring.

Re-create dark warm environments if you are sprouting moringa in colder regions. Or at least wait until spring.

In South-Central Florida, we can sprout moringa all year long.

Not only are moringa seeds completely edible, but so are the young sprouts. This is one of the best ways to consume fresh moringa, in sprout form! Super nutritious.

Harvest the greens from young sprouts like these every 45 days, they will regrow new stems, branches and leaves.

The best way to harvest leaves is with scissors or pruners or even just pinch off the tops with your fingers. Eat the leaves and branches from young sprouts like these.

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Author: Kendrick Henry

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"Native to Africa and India, Moringa Oleifera is an ancient tree that has been consumed for thousands of years as a staple food vegetable. Even today, the nutrient rich leaves are used to help combat malnutrition. A daily serving of moringa leaf powder can boost the immune system and can prevent many illnesses."

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