How to Grow Turmeric | Numa Farms & Nursery #6

🌿 Wow! Look at this beautiful turmeric flower and our brand new turmeric bed that we have here at Numa Farms & Nursery Thanks so much for watching, reading and learning all about turmeric today.

Greetings and welcome to Numa Farms & Nursery in Plant City, I'm Kendrick Henry your local turmeric farmer.

Yes! We stuck turmeric roots in the ground around June of 2020 and it only took about 6-7 months to get a whole bunch more of turmeric roots here. Lovely turmeric we just got them washed up we'll go ahead and show you the entire process and learning of how to grow and harvest and process turmeric's.

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Wonderful! We started with maybe just about a bin and from a few months we were able to get four bins and we got some gingers as well and so we're going to show you exactly how we plant it out.

Wow look at this beautiful one, check this out okay okay this one's a little bit green on the inside. We've got all different types of turmeric here. So we have different different colors different sizes and all different kinds of turmeric's here so we've got blues, greens.

I'm learning all the different types of turmeric now that we're growing we're learning all about the turmeric and what we're going to do is we're just going to stick pretty much most of these back in the ground we're not going to sell much of these maybe just eat a few for ourselves then from here we'll let them sit for a few months and we'll plant them back out in the spring and then we'll let them go all summer long and hopefully at that point we'll be able to get 10 times the amount of this and then by next season we'll have some of these turmeric for sale.

I just want to see what we can do with the bulbs, this is the bulb that comes off of the turmeric root. So once they start growing and forming you can see the bulb that's there in the center then makes these tubers and so we're going to keep the bulbs we're going to see exactly how they regrow.

We have this beautiful oak tree in the front and we had to trim some trees on the property so we grabbed some of the logs and created a raised bed around this beautiful tree in the front and center I've always wanted to use this tree for something and so now we finally get to utilize some of the extra soil that we had laying around and that's what we put down on our first layer at the very bottom with some composted soil topsoil, a sandy mix.

We also got some free loads of mulch on the property so we started using the mulch and layered that on we're doing like a lasagna layer just trying to use as many free materials as we have access to just getting the farm started is taking a lot a lot of energy so we got this peat moss delivered.

🏝 We actually did spend $500 on this mound of peat moss and it's the first time I've ever seen peat moss like this and I'm using it for the first time and it is a little bit acidic and I found that the turmeric kind of does like the peat moss.

🌅 We just probably would have added a little bit more topsoil and sand to this mix but now after the fact I've learned so much about peat moss and how turmeric can grow

We're gonna start filling the raised bed here that we just created by dropping turmeric every few inches apart.

🌾 I just wanted to see what we can get we've got the those center bulbs and then we've got the fingers and so I just started putting them right in into the peat moss if I would have done some things differently I would have added a little bit more sand and compost to the peat moss mix so that way it would have been a little bit more aerated. I feel like the peat moss kind of stays too wet and doesn't really have a chance to drain and so it got really compacted, but I'm learning I'm learning how to grow turmeric's.

🌞 I'm learning how to be a farmer here, this is my first year on on the farm, so just having a really great time learning and filming. I'm having a great time getting into the different camera angles and always having a camera with me and showing everybody everything so that way we can teach. I just want to teach people, also about how they can grow food, even just by planting something in the ground, even if they're not necessarily farming commercially they can also farm for their own benefit and food.

🌼 Turmeric super easy to grow, they liked it under this oak tree, it was kinda of broken shade, I could tell that they really loved the morning sun, the ones over on the other side of the tree they didn't get as much sun and they didn't get as big so they do kind of like a little bit of broken sun. Then I literally just started piling mulch on top of the turmeric's in this raised bed trying to create something out of nothing for as little to no inputs and as free as I can to see what we can get from it so I just kind of covered them up slightly with the peat moss and just started piling on mulch over top and this is a method that you could grow turmeric at your own homestead and garden.

🍃 Beautiful! This tree is a special tree in front of the house, I used to work under this tree five years ago and I always wanted to create something special around the base of this beautiful tree here just in the front yard and so just a few weeks ago we got some loads of mulch and some loads of soil and we planted out this new raised bed with turmeric we also had to um cut back a few of the trees in the backyard so we made use as soon as we had some material to be able to create a raised bed we laid out this wood trim and filled it with composted soil on the bottom layer, then a layer of mulch and a layer of peat moss soil potting soil on top.

🌳 What's really unique and special about this raised bed is that our buddy Kevin from Real Sweet Farms have been growing multiple varieties of turmeric's gathered from the mustang market that no longer exists in Pinellas County, it was recently shut down. So luckily over the years Kevin had been collecting and visiting that Saturday market at Mustang market collecting turmeric's and rare herbs from the market it was an Asian market and so now the Mustang Market lives on with this turmeric bed here at Numa Farms & Nursery in Plant City, FL. There are probably 10 different varieties of turmeric's in this raised bed right now you can tell that each stem is a little different than the other.

👌🏽 Sometimes leave turmeric in the ground two years and you'll get even bigger ones! We probably could have done that with these ones, but I want to go ahead and get better soil in here. This was really just the start of a raised bed, I think once we have more established raised beds I could leave them in for two years.

👀 Oh yes, so we got our helpers Gandhi and Ariel to come out to scan through the whole raised bed of turmeric's together so that way we could lift every single piece out that we could now you can leave them in for two years but we're going to go ahead and just take these out we're going to replant this raised bed with something else and we're going to plant these turmeric's throughout the farm in the Spring.

📷 We're just keeping them in the burlap sack here for a few months, we're going to weigh this sack out I'm going to get all these fingers in here the really nice sized ones put away.

We're gonna keep the turmeric in here for the rest of the winter and we'll plant these out in the spring we're probably going to keep these for the house I'll probably munch on these and snack on these throughout the rest of the winter.

🏡 Oh yeah! We got a good little take, okay let's see how much turmeric we have

I know I can stand up it's just standing up on it own now, oh, oh 16 pounds. All right! We'll see what we get next year, we got 16 pounds of turmeric.

🌎 Hey! Thanks so much for joining us while we showed off our turmeric harvest for 2020 this is a great start to Numa Farms & Nursery we're gonna go ahead and save this for the spring and we're going to plant it out then so it's going to go all summer long and it's going to be in a different spot and it's going to have more compost and it's going to have more sand it will have some peat moss and it will have some more mulch and they'll be spread out more in a different raised bed.

I think we're going to get even more next year than this! We started with probably four pounds maybe less and we got to like 16 pounds so at least four times the amount five times the amount. I want to say we even started with like a pound. Kevin was saying that you could get up to 16 times from what you start to finish after even just a year.

🌱 Now we could have kept these in for another year, but I want to go ahead and change out the the soil type and add some compost and sand and things like that but we're just getting started at Numa Farms & Nursery in Plant City. We're super excited to share with you our first harvest of turmeric unbelievable 16 pounds!

Oh yes, I feel like we're gonna have a great 2021 season I'm super excited to go ahead and get these back in the ground and possibly share with you by next year we'll have some of these up for sale you can taste them in some smoothies you can taste some of these in your curry dishes it'll be all organic of course we have no use for chemicals and synthetic fertilizers here on mama earth because we use natural laws of nature and we use permaculture practices and we've got lots of friends like you out there that are helping us and teaching us how to grow harvest and manage a farm and that's what we're excited to do here and we'd love for you to come out and visit any day between ten and two visit us here at Numa Farms & Nursery in Plant City, FL.

💡 I'm Kendrick Henry if you haven't yet please like this video subscribe to the new nursery YouTube channel and keep in touch and you'll be able to learn all about permaculture, herbs, moringa, aloe and turmeric. Thank you so much peace love and prosperous growing see you next time.

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