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I'm Kendrick Henry,

Farmer + Architect & Entrepreneur.

Learn for free how to grow moringa trees and start your own moringa tree business. Learn how to earn a living from farming moringa trees and make handmade products from local moringa trees now available on my website,

We're making everything fresh daily from organically grown

moringa trees in the Tampa Bay area.

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Truly, one of the most exciting times we've ever had, while meeting a garden mentor and avid foodie, was the day John Kohler came to Numa Farms & Nursery.

His visit inspired all of us to reach out even more to friends and family to teach them about the moringa tree. Moringa is a gift from nature that can provide an abundance like no other trees around the world.

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John Kohler asked me really good questions, he has so much passion for teaching others about gardening and just life, he's really great it was fun.

John asks, "I actually really want to talk about the training course that you designed for people literally around the world in the country wherever you guys live so why did you really create this and why are you sharing literally all your trade secrets on exactly how you did this, so that other people in other countries even people here in the US even people down the street living from you in Tampa may want to duplicate this and start their own moringa growers co-op, like why would you do that?"

Why I made the Moringa Tree Professional Training Course Manual is because every time people would come to the farmers market they didn't know what Moringa was and I wanted them to have a classroom where they could from start to finish, from seed to tree, harvest to product, how they could start their own moringa business.

Essentially we want other people to be able to create a lifestyle of their own and work for themselves and provide healthy moringa products from local sources.

That was our main goal in creating the manuals.

It's important to always know

your farmer you know where the sourcesare coming from because supposedly in other places and even sometimes here it's not always what you see is what you get and so that's why I wanted to be transparent with the with the co-op and give people the most information that they can go off and literally feel confident that they can eat the Moringa tree that's in their own backyard and know that they're getting the right and proper nutrients to essentially heal themselves and that's yea our main goal is because we want people that are feeling tired, depressed, sick, in any way to feel this high vibrational food superfood that you can put in your own body from your own backyard.

John replied, "cool so another thing I want to talk to you about Kendrick is all the different products you make, which is totally amazing I mean you take, I usually people see like grow the moringa they dried in a leaf and they sell like loose leaf tea and then make some powder, but you do like what 30 different products that you make out of moringa, now why did you come up with 30 different products and how do you come up with all of them?

I said, "The reason why I came up with so many products is because diversity when I only had one product on the on the table which was the loose leaf if someone said that they wanted powder okay so I wrote that down the next person said they wanted capsules I said okay I wrote that down and so people would be coming into the booth saying I want moringa this, moringa that and I would take their notes, bug spray, spice, the moringa seed oil, it all developed from what the people wanted they were asking me hey can you make this can you make that and I said let me find out I came home and I started experimenting myself and I have literally developed all these products by hand over the last five years from the moringa trees that I've harvested everybody is is loving all the quality high quality that were coming out with."

I continued by adding "We literally steep the Moringa greens in organic grape seed alcohol for over a year the fresh green is very fresh greens inside this jar for over a year so that way the alcohol is literally pulling out all the trace minerals all the vitamins all the protein and has put it in a liquid soluble form that bypasses the digestive system goes straight into the bloodstream within eight seconds people are getting rid of migraines and headaches they're dropping their blood sugars and blood pressures within just a few seconds and they're saying that it is saving people's lives I mean we have so much in sure by the extract alone yeah it's unbelievable I mean we could go through each product and I have testimonials up how people have said that it's gotten some of them pretty much back to normal stasis balance it's all about balance."

John was very excited to hear all these great things about moringa,

he continued the interview by adding, "Well I think they're really the key there is you know he listened to his customers and makes changes accordingly you know that's a really

important aspect most business don't

really. I value you for you know doing that and making products based on what they want because guess what if they want it they're gonna buy it. How you came up with the whole little concept you know I mean when I was making oil in my opinion it burns through lots of seeds to make

not a lot of oil as in what are the uses

of the oil because that's something I

rarely ever see you really got to have

an abundance of seeds in my opinion to make the oil so, so talk about that real quick Kendrick.

I replied, "Well I started looking into cosmetic products my girlfriend she loves putting things in her hair on her face skin nails for burns cuts bruises and I started looking into the properties of the actual Moringa seed oil and I found that tons of antibiotics, tons of antioxidants it was

anti-inflammatory so I was wondering hey can I put this one product the seed oil to make any other products sure enough the seed oil itself can make hundreds of products and it's so we started developing soaps, bath bombs and we're putting our moringa seed oil in our bug sprays and we're just making like a little by little or starting to incorporate moringa seed oil

and every little thing that we have it can be an ingredient in any little thing or it can be set alone in itself in its own right as a healing oil you can use it an aromatherapy you can use it as a massage you can rub it in in certain

trouble areas topically.

I continued, by saying, "You can also ingest it and it's helping people get rid of is use ear issues infections it helps regrow hair people that are suffering from hair loss they can you use it on their head or on their body and everything that you put on your skin is in your bloodstream within eight seconds and so just know that you're rubbing that that oil in there and it's getting in there and it's helping to relieve any kind of stress or anything you have you can rub it on your temples I do it all the time and I use it on my face at night and I love it the hair people say oh my gosh you have such thick hair and I said it's because I consume moringa all the time."

John is very knowledgeable about moringa and knows exactly how valuable moringa really is, he continued by saying, "Wow, that's amazing yeah there's so many products that be made and then even derivatives of the oil products you know like the soaps and you're the bug sprays and everything. I mean it takes a lot of processing to make a little bit, but when you have literally thousand trees that you're harvesting from you know you have extra seeds to turn into products."

and he added, "Now the question is is it in your manual how to make all the different products, so if somebody wants to like make their own oil. Do you tell them exactly what press that you're using? Do you tell them the exact process to make the the extracts and even the teabags?

When I first came to Tampa, I quickly realized it has everything for anyone and I wanted to start my business here. In the free moringa manual, all the answers are in there. Where the teabags are sourced. How we made them. Products, bottles like local companies I go with all local companies, label companies packaging companies, glass companies. Tampa is a mecca for business and industry so we have everything right here in the neighborhood that I could ever ever want.

More Chapters are still being added!

He continued by saying, "Wow amazing so literally I mean this is like you know you guys want to own a franchise you got to pay money to buy the franchise and you got to pay royalties back to the franchise you know this is a free once again free downloads learning how to grow Moringa Sellers its process it everything you guys need to know this is a made so Kendrick thank you for putting this all together um how does someone download your training manual and even get a hold of your questions and is there a charge for this?

I quickly replied, "Nope! You go to my website, my phone number is on the website.

You can call me, you can text me anytime.

John said,

"Wow you might get a lot of call-ins for this video.

That's gonna be fun! I said, "That'd be great, I would be very thankful for that and I would really help launch our business and get to the next level because we definitely need it and we're helping lots of people with your help thank you so much for coming out here.

John politely said, "Oh man thats my pleasure I had a fun time today. So, Kendrick are there any questions that I should have asked you

that I didn't or anything that I maybe should've showed in the video that I may be left out what would that be?

I said, "Oh man I think you covered everything I've just been enjoying this this whole trip you

know just being here we just moved here last week met you at the farmers market on Sunday at Hyde Park on Sunday and now you're literally here right now on Tuesday.

I continued by adding, "and literally I was like should I have him come out here (to myself) we're just getting set up, no. Just come, just get here. There's no better time than now. Don't waste any more time to post videos and don't think things to much. Or that you need a post production editor or anything like that, sound, just do it. As fast as you can. Get your information out there, whatever you have to say, and I love you (John) for doing that so thank you.

John kindly finished the interview by saying, "Oh yeah, no worries man. I

mean if you're in a farmers market, I

will find you, yeah I have special skills!

And I jokingly added in there,

"and I'll be there too slinging moringa!"

Ha ha!

What a great time, I really enjoyed his visit, hope to show him around again in the years to come as we build the Numa Farms & Nursery up with the help from moringa enthusiasts and The Moringa Growers Co-op. Thank you again for reading.

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Author: Kendrick Henry

Farmer + Architect & Entrepreneur

"Native to India, Moringa Oleifera is an ancient tree that has been consumed for thousands of years as a staple food vegetable. Even today, the nutrient rich leaves are used to help combat malnutrition.A daily serving of moringa leaf powder can boost the immune system and can prevent many illnesses."

+ Kendrick Henry

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