Moringa Monday Podcast 04 - Maria Malec

👌🏽 Welcome to the Moringa Monday Podcast.

🌿 On February 24th, 2020

we met with

Maria Malec


Aroma-Living by Design

🌱 Without any special degrees or certifications,

her divine duties include everything from

household CEO, faith-former, boo-boo kisser, teacher,

housekeeper, butt wiper, dietitian, janitor, financial planner,

bank, taxi driver, Dr. Mom, chief encourager,

sideline cheer leader, secretary, entertainment director

and beyond....



it's what she does without pause,

like a Super Hero!

🌴 Maria's intention is to

educate the community

on how to achieve

one's highest potential

through conscious

and responsible living.

With her guidance, expect to expand your mind to new concepts of discovering well-being

while connecting the heart & mind 🌲 .

With her help you will be

equipped with practical

solutions to

modern day situations.

Maria teaches everyone

to engage with others

who share the zeal

for knowledge

while sharing ideas

to support one another.

The information you will receive from her guidance will positively impact the rest of your life. 🌾

Thank you Maria,

for visiting Numa Nursery

and sharing your knowledge of

moringa and essential oils

with others.

Maria has 5 children and is an inspiration to all mom's. In an excerpt from The Moringa Monday Podcast, Maria says,

"I'm self-taught I've read everything I can get my hands on I've attended

conferences and masterminds and conventions and have really immersed

myself so that I can cut people's learning curve."

She adds by saying,

"There's so many moms out there right now who they don't know where to begin and and that's where I like to step in and say, listen, I've done this this and this doesn't work. This works. And then you make an informed decision."

When I'm around Maria I feel so safe and secure. She is caring and giving so freely of her time and energy in anything she does. Maria has been a mom to me and she is a mom to anyone who needs some extra TLC.

"We really enjoyed Maria's visit to Numa Nursery. She is a ball of positive energy with an endless amount of humor and joyful mementos to fill the room with laughter and love". +Kendrick Henry

Maria continues to give value, by saying..

"You know what works in the flow

of your family life. What you're willing to do and what you're not willing to do. What you want to cut out, what you want to add and I show you how to do it simply. I have five children, five experiments I like to call them. They're from the ages sixteen to twenty five and I learned a little bit more as each child was born. I'd learn something, then something else and then I'd apply it and we tried new things with them."

Maria is very active in the community and is a shining light to anyone she makes eye contact with. Maria goes on by saying..

"I just became a co-host of a radio show called Wellness

PEP Talks. Patient. Education. Panel. Talks where we bring people like you together on this talk show every Wednesday on WWPR 1490 that's Bradenton, Florida. And we've expanded our reach we also have a huge veteran affiliate. My co-host of the radio show is a veteran and wellness advocate and wants to show people all the different options on how to stay well without medication."

While talking with Maria on the Moringa Monday Podcast, we shared a few laughs and also she shed some light on how to know things about life, with certainty, by saying..

"Then you're empowered by the fact that you know what was making you feel bad in the past and you also know what can help make you feel better in the future. I tell people all the time nothing tastes as good as healthy feels."

Maria and I met in 2016 at the Temple Terrace farmers market. She was immediately intrigued about the moringa tree and

what it could do for her. Since then, she has been incorporating moringa in her diet and has had her entire family using moringa as a daily supplement for some time now. From her experiences she wanted to come up with a creative way for others to begin their moringa journey.

"Whatever you put in is what you're gonna get out people" #justamom

Maria loves moringa so much, she has been using the moringa powder in her smoothies, taking moringa capsules on the go and drinking the moringa tea regularly, helping to regulate her blood sugars and blood pressure.

Maria has found moringa to be so versatile, that it can even be used as an all-purpose seasoning. She's been cooking with Moringa Spice and loves it! Moringa Spice is great as a nutritional additive to any snack, drink or sauce.

Maria even wrote a manual about how to incorporate moringa into your daily health regimen.

And she is giving it away for FREE!

The FREE 7 Day Moringa Challenge Manual has moringa recipes and tips that teach you how to incorporate moringa in your diet.

Then, after you've been using moringa for about a week week, you'll know exactly how good it really is for the body. More than likely, you'll feel great and continue using moringa more regularly.

Maria has been an advocate for Young Living Essential Oils for several years and is more devoted to the high vibrations, now more than ever. She says moringa and essential oils can..

Raise your Frequency!

The first time Maria and I met, she asked if I'd like to raise my Frequency? And I said, "Yes! Please."

"Then, we tried the Lemon Vitality Essential Oil together by rubbing it in the palm of our hands and then breathing in the wonderful citrus aroma. It was breathtaking and I really love that experience. I think of her each time I smell Lemon Vitality Young Living Essential Oil." +Kendrick Henry

Maria also says..

"There's many many brands out there and I've been a member [of Young Living Essential Oils] for 17-18 years and have really immersed myself in plant resources it's not just essential oils it's the moringa, it's organic food, it's getting toxins out of our lifestyle, it's surrounding myself with better people, it's for doing everything in life that elevates our current situation, yeah I believe so."

"Native to India, moringa is an anti-inflammatory herb used for thousands of years as a staple food vegetable around the world. Every part of the moringa tree can be eaten. The leaves, seeds and pods are completely edible and highly nutritional with amino acids (plant proteins), essential vitamins and trace minerals." +Kendrick Henry

Maria says..

"The moringa challenge is going to gently introduce moringa powder, moringa capsules, moringa tea, the moringa spice blend and lemon essential oil, very simply over the course of seven days"

and she adds,

"You don't really have to change too much of what you're already doing and we are going to add suggestions insider insights pro-tips about moringa and how it can affect your body how using lemon oil and moringa together because essential oils are carriers and they attach to the molecules of other cells to help build and repair damages in the body."

The 7 Day Moringa Challenge comes inside the custom designed book in a box, it has more information about moringa trees inside for added value.

The greater vision:

Our goal is to lead by example and build healthy

communities together.

Through education of informed self-care, these practices will create long lasting habits that lend themselves to a balanced environment and lifestyle.

Throughout the 7-Day Moringa Challenge you may feel:

-elevated energy

-improved inflammatory response

-more balanced blood sugar

potentially increased sexual performance

-enhanced sleep

-more efficient elimination


The 7 Day Moringa Challenge

comes with

guided emotional support

provided by the

FREE 7-Day Moringa Challenge Workbook

The 7 Day Moringa Challenge Mission:

-To raise awareness of moringa and its power.

-To achieve balanced nutrition.

-To experience the benefits of moringa and its effectiveness,

while using this complete plant protein in your diet.

-To add lemon essential oils to your toxin-free wellness toolbox.

Maria is super excited to get moringa in the hands of more people with the added benefits of lemon essential oil. She says..

"The 7 Day Moringa challenge includes 6 reusable tea bags filled with moringa + mint tea. We have a sample of the Moringa Spice, which I use for everything, everything! I love it you get moringa capsules, enough for the

seven days and then you get a bottle of essential lemon essential oil and every day you'll get a tip on how to use it

the benefits. There are different ways to use moringa, one of the days I talked about in the FREE Workbook is to put the leftover moringa leaves after you brew the moringa tea is take the moringa leaves out of the reusable tea bag and then putting them in a smoothie or throw them in a soup or put it in your salad. So, that way there's no waste."

Maria wanted to provide you with even more value when reserving your 7 Day Moringa Challenge, by adding an exclusive coupon just for you.

Once you reserve The 7 Day Moringa Challenge Kit, you will receive a custom 25% OFF coupon code that you can use, while shopping for your most favorite local moringa products. FOR LIFE!

Only at

For those interested in reserving their their 7 Day Moringa Challenge Box with the Free E-Workbook and also receive 25% OFF coupon please visit:

There is a tab dedicated just to the 7 Day Moringa Challenge and you can find more information about it and also we have a Facebook Group, called

7 Day Moringa Challenge Facebook Group.

It's an open group, forever, and we will communicate through there so people can ask questions. Maria and I are going post some live videos all the time to instruct you with even recipes and ways to use moringa for the first 7 days, whatever it takes to make this 7 days the easiest and then after the 7 days you can continue to shop for local & organic moringa at for 25% OFF any future orders

(25% OFF Coupon provided at the time of checkout)

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to invest in you future self.

Gratitude and Prosperity!

Please connect with Maria for health and wellness coaching and helpful life advice, she is a wealth of information and has the experience to help make your environment more cohesive.

Maria's website:

Aroma-Living by Design Facebook:

Maria's Facebook:

Maria's Instagram:

Author: Kendrick Henry

Farmer + Architect

"Native to India, Moringa Oleifera is an ancient tree that has been consumed for thousands of years as a staple food vegetable. Even today, the nutrient rich leaves are used to help combat malnutrition.A daily serving of moringa leaf powder can boost the immune system and can prevent many illnesses."

+ Kendrick Henry

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