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TrailBale Farm is a family friendly farm in Temple Terrace, living their belief that good, healthy, local food should be available to all.


TrailBale farms with the benefit of the land in mind, increasing fertility with each animal rotation, which allows them to raise animals without medications.


The TrailBale animals get fed organic feed, grass, weeds, hay, bugs and that’s it.  Extra animal feed is provided from New Country Organic, which are GMO-free, soy-free products, also available at the TrailBale Farm Store!


Please visit their website, for more information or visit Travis Malloy and their family friendly farmer's at the Temple Terrace Farmer's Market every Saturday from 9am-12pm (summer hours).


TrailBale Farms on several properties throughout the Tampa Bay area.  On their main site, shown above, sits a 4 acre property surrounded with a dense tree canopy.  The farm's main operation consists of 6 animal paddocks. 


Separating the 4 main paddocks is an existing burm/swale, that collects and stores ground water to extend the the life of their grass.


Together, with the Moringa Grower's Co-op, TrailBale Farm has been growing moringa trees for several years, providing much needed nutrients to the animals.  


Moringa is used as a 'fodder food' and nutritional supplement for animals as they will consume the fresh moringa leaves, sticks and stems.


from cuttings

This summer, using oak mulch, the MGC built-up a burm/swale @ TrailBale Farm.

Now, just 4 months later, we have rooted cutting and trees that are already producing fresh greens!

In the photo above, on the left is day 1 @ TrailBale in June 2018.

On the right, are tall cuttings being rooted on the newly settled burm.


from cuttings

Notice, we're placing moringa stems in the ground, some are 1'-2' in length

buried about 6" deep, at an agle or even straight up.


We've been succesfull re-growing moringa trees from cuttings at many lengths and angles, try a few things out for yourslef to see what works. 


One constant, is bark. Each cutting has bark formed on the stem. We're only using stems, not side branches, but the main stem piece, those hold the powder to propagate when they have bark.


We have NOT been very successful propagating from green stems.

We've noticed new forming roots from the bark at the cut bottom part, the piece that's been under the ground for several weeks begins to form roots from the bark. So cool!

After several months of summer rain, the first layer of oak mulch placed on the burm began to break down and create dark nutrient rich soil, full of mycelium! Some of the sticks ended up propagating quickly and some are already 5' tall trees! in just 4 months of growth. 


For the spots that needed to be filled up, we recently placed some really nice long cuttings in the ground, which came from several different harvests around Tampa Bay.


it's been an amazing summer for moringa trees, they love the heat and the rains have been helping, as long as the trees have good drainage.


See how easy it is to grow moriniga from cuttings! 

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June-September 2018

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June-September 2018


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