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 National Strategy To Promote The Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators
The Pollinator Health Task Force


Abundance Approach

Permaculture Design
Ecological Design + Water Conservation + Small Farming
Urban Beekeeping
Custom Hives + Swarm Removal + Honey + Apiary Production
Proactive Workshops
Coaching + Consultations + Gardening Classes + Tutorials
Edible Landscapes
Grow Food, Not Lawns Project + Food Forest Design+ Native Plants
Edible Nursery
Fruit Trees + Vines + Bushes + Flowers + Ground Covers + Herbs
Organic Gardening
Community Gardens +Schools + Businesses + Residential Installs
Regenerative Agriculture
Soil Rehab + Ecosystem Mimicry + Agroforestry + Alley Cropping
Community Compost
food scrap collection program + compost tea + organic fertilisers
Earthwork Sculpting
Contour Swales + Retentions + Material Removal + Ponds
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